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Burgundy's Restaurant & Wine Bar

HNU 471 - Group Assignment

Lindsay Boisvenue

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Burgundy's Restaurant & Wine Bar

Mission Statement Company Profile the product of 6 university students from across North America

Christina Metcalf - financial team
Jenna Clark - financial team
Ryan Grimsrud-Perro - culinary team
Faith Kwong - design team
Lindsay Boisvenue - marketing and design team
Stephanie Cameron - marketing team BURGUNDY'S: Market Analysis Our Competitors: Trendz Cafe & Wine Bar Willows Wine Bar & Bistro Seasons byAtlantica Obladee Wine Bar http://www.girlsandbicycles.ca/ http://www.seasonsbyatlantica.com/ http://www.trendzcafe.ca/ Marketing Plan Target Population & Product Line Casual fine-dining Restaurant & Wine Bar
Targeted to working class professionals, characterized by:
-Geographics: Downtown Halifax, NS
-Income: at least 40, 000 per year
-Various cultures or ethnicities
-Male or female
-Legal drinking age (19+)
-Behavioral factors Obladee Wine Bar A Closer Look... location:
core of downtown Halifax
a few blocks away from Burgundy's

general information:
recently opened (fall of 2010)
similar service
similar atmosphere what sets us apart?

culture nights
service Market Positioning TRENDS
Local food shift
Health consciousness
Ethnic cuisine

Is the market expanding or shrinking? Goals and Objectives GENERAL GOALS

To be a competitive, top rated, casual-fine dining restaurant and wine bar in Halifax, NS.

To provide our customers with a culturally rich experience through ethnic cuisine and local and imported wine and draught. MARKETING GOALS

Attract new diners in the downtown Halifax area
To attract a culturally and demographically diverse customer-base through food and entertainment.


Use social networking to spread the word about Burgundy's
Host events to broaden our customer-base (parties, concerts, group dinners, etc.)
Pass out free appetizer coupons to surrounding businesses Major Strategies - Marketing Mix THE 4 P'S PRODUCT PRICE PLACE PROMOTION Burgundy's:

Casual fine dining restaurant & wine bar Appetizers:
$8.00 - $15.00

Main course:
$20.00 - $25.00

$7.00 - $18.00/glass
$25.00 - $120.00/bottle Downtown Halifax, NS
Barrington Street Advertising
(tv, radio, newspaper, social media, website)

Gift Certificate packages

(2 for 1, free appetizer coupons)

Excellent service

Live music and events

Catering Action plan and Responsibilities Financial advisors:
Christina Metcalf
Jenna Clark

Ensure that a sufficient pool of funds are dedicated to marketing Marketing team:
Stephanie Cameron
Lindsay Boisvenue

Implement promotional strategies
Improve and innovate current strategies
Ensure good press Design team:
Ryan Grimsrud-Perro
Faith Kwong
Lindsay Boisvenue

Aesthetic appeal of restaurant and promotional tools
Design and layout, website design, menu, brochures, coupons, etc. Measure & Evaluate Results Repeat customers
Number of customers attending planned events (Culture nights)
Flow of customers
Customer feedback
Personal appraisal
Revenue Financial Plan Owner's Contribution From the owner's contribution of $90, 000.00:

Lease payment (4 months) - $13,750.00
Utilities (4 months) - $6,550.00
Insurance (licensing/permits - 4 months) - $2,600.00
Banking fees (4 months) - $1,205.00
Phone and Internet services (4 months) - $640.00
POS (12 months) - $10,000.00
Equipment (lightly used) - $35,000.00
Furnishings (lightly used) - $15,000.00

Including startup costs = $84,745.00 Net Remainder: Owner's draw:

Quarterly/Capital startup cost:

* 90,000.00 - 84,745.00 = $5,255.00 *

This is where Proceeds of Finance steps in... Proceeds of Finance We anticipate that Burgundy's will require $180,000.00 to carry through the first year
This will permit a breakeven of $706,913.00,
with a gross margin of 56%

Proceeds of Finance will be prioritized towards:
Leasehold Improvements (paint, flooring, lighting, decor, etc.)
Initial cost of Food and Beverage http://www.canadawestplumbing.com/equipment http://www.newyorkmarkt.com http://www.latesthousedesigns.com/exotic-restaurant-interior-designs/ Operating Costs Advertising and Promotion
Loan Payments
-Interest rate
Professional Fees
-Accounts, Lawyers, Bookkeeper
& Entertainment
Owners Draw
Phone & Internet
Bank Charges
Insurance Material Costs
Per Month Cost of wine/draught:

Wine/draught sales:

Markup - 62%
Profit Margin - 38% Cost of food: $31,000

Food Sales: $86,400

Markup - 36%

Profit Margin - 64% Conclusion Sample Main Menu Sample Weekend Cultural Menu Design & Layout rewarding & beneficial experience

worked well as a team - each bringing something different to the table

realized the challenges associated with starting a business We have calculated that:
Leasehold improvements will cost ~ $90,000.00
Signage will cost ~$3,000.00
Initial cost of food will be $10,000.00
Initial cost of wine & beer will be $13,000.00

Total cost = $116,000.00

Allows $64,000.00 for remaining operational and material costs To provide customers with a full-bodied, culturally-rich culinary experience, along with exemplary service in a locally sustainable fashion. Business Opportunities SWOT Analysis STRENGTHS

extensive knowledge in food and dietetics
futured registered dietitians and aspiring chef on our team
food service experience
large management team
-combined skills & split start-up cost WEAKNESSES

lacking direct experience in restaurant management
requires more planning & working together
large management team
-ideas may clash OPPORTUNITIES

few wine bars combine the two aspects of a restaurant and a wine bar
Burgundy's combines the atmosphere of a wine bar with restaurant service
location - surrounded by small businesses & working class professionals THREATS

Obladee wine bar - primary competitor
other "wine bar" type restaurants in the downtown Halifax area
student population (Saint Mary's University & Dalhousie) Restaurant & Wine Bar Management Qualifications experienced in dietetics & culinary arts

creativity, design & artistic abilities


organizational & time-management

financially responsible

passion, determination & dedication

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