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Issues Facing Public Libraries

Problems, Solutions and the Future.

Grace Zimmermann

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Issues Facing Public Libraries

Problems and the Future Issues Facing Public Libraries Problems The Future Funding Rapid Advances in Technology Demographics Limiting Knowledgeable Employees Providing less or lower quality technology
I.e. Computers Cutting back on reading and informational material Providing fewer programs Trimming hours of operation Fact: Most users are unaware of their Public Library's financial problems. “45 percent of the civically engaged think their local government has not furnished enough money and assistance to the public libraries in their communities, 42 percent think that they have, and 13 percent say they simply do not know.” (New York: Public Agenda, 2006.) CAP Cancellation Little advertising or marketing to the community Leads to... Services/Programs going unnoticed Four major areas that can be improved for the benefit of the community and Public Libraries alike: Developing Programs and Services for teens
Tackling illiteracy among adults of the community
Making Government services readily available
Allowing more access to computers Fact: “The TPL recorded 18 million visits to its 98 branches in 2010, a 4-per-cent increase over 2009. The number of cardholders rose 4 per cent too, reaching 1.25 million. Residents rated libraries a high priority, placing them eighth on a list of 35 city services, ahead of police, parks and recreation centres.” (Globe and Mail, 2011) Internet needs to be readily available, provided for people who don't have computers of their own
Library must acquire all different sorts of media including E-Readers, Kobo's, Blue Rays, etc...
Clients may obtain the material without even setting foot in the Library “The demand for electronic books that don’t require a physical visit is on the rise. Jennifer Stirling, digital services manager at Ottawa Public Library, says last Christmas’s boom in giving e-book readers as gifts was a watershed. After the holiday, she organized a wildly popular “digital road show” in the library’s branches to tutor those who had been given Kindles and Kobos on how to use them.” This is in an issue because Public Libraries would be unable to fund the shortfall resulting from the CAP program cut... Bright! By Utilizing the Four R's... 1. Relevancy – stay relevant to the community 2. Reinvention – make the library an indispensable community centre 3. Raising awareness – promote the reinvented library 4. Resistance – fight for a society that values public services Studies show that if people were aware that their local library needed additional funding they would willingly welcome a tax increase to support it. “Why do Toronto libraries have such a loyal following in an era when books on paper seem to be going out of style? One reason is that today’s libraries provide much more than books. They have evolved into vital community hubs, offering everything from language training to employment services.” (The Globe and Mail, 2011) Thank you
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