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How to deal with presentation STRESS

You might think that experienced speakers have no stress...WRONG! They feel stressed though know how to deal with it and you can learn how to do that! Enjoy the presentation tips from communication coach Sylvie Verleye

Sylvie Verleye

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of How to deal with presentation STRESS

# 1 MISTAKE inexperienced speakers
This is probably how you feel the first time on stage...
of the population
feels exactly like you!
It might come as a surprise that even experienced speakers still feel nervous
I KNOW I DO... ;-)
there is a secret to
deal with it!
don't show with your
whole body that you are afraid
Stand proud!
Don't stand behind your computer
to read your slides
Don't make yourself small
And smile whenever you can
If you worry you are not authentic when you fake self confident body language, listen to expert Amy Cuddy.

Connect with your audience!
One last advice
Don't do
a disappearing act
behind a lectern!
Thanks for watching my whole zoo of presentation emotions
More tips at www.simplytalking.be

Presentation Coach Sylvie Verleye
Next time you have to present...
Listen to my ideas how to deal with stress...
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