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First Day of School

A presentation to welcome my students to their first day of school, and introduce them to me, my expectations, and my classroom rules and procedures.

Karla Johnson

on 16 May 2018

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Transcript of First Day of School

2) When you return to class, check the Make-Up Work folder.
3) If you have questions, ask a classmate first. If you still have questions, please ask me.
1) Yes, we did work while you were absent!
Matrix Partners preso!
Harvard Business Review
How to lower the cost of enterprise sales?
Rene Birthday
Be respectful
About Me
In Class
Outside of Class
LET''s LOOK AT the Make-Up Folder and Class Trays.
#1: I expect you to...
well-oiled machine.
help the classroom run smoothly,
#5: I expect you to...
#4: I expect you to...
#3: I expect you to...
Try your best.
Communicate with me.
Strive for Progress, Not Perfection
Help me!
If you are
Late to Class
enter the room.
Hand me your pass.
take your seat and get instructions from your neighbor.
Four tardies = write up
Questions? Please contact me anytime at kjohnson@athensasd.org or call 888-7766 ext:3300

We are going to have a FABULOUS year!
Have a Growth Mindset
Be prepared
stay on task.
Be respectful.
#2: I expect you to...
Come to class prepared. Folder, Pencil, Agenda, Composition notebook, Highlighter, & Book!

All school rules are also in place in our classroom.
like a
to Mrs. Johnson's
Core + Reading Class
A variety of READING & WRITING Activities including:
Listen and provide encouragement: we are on the same side! Communicate with me so I can help you to succeed.
Be interested in your lives: your family, your job, your team, your relationships
Be available for help at any time
What You Can Expect From Me
Keep things exciting: If you're bored, I'm bored, and I don't want that!
Attempt to make you laugh...even if I don't always succeed
Create clear guidelines: no mysteries here!
Challenge you to push yourselves
Prepare you for every obstacle in this class
4) Complete your assignment and turn in to your class period's tray!
Let's take a look at some of the things we will be working on this year!
Being Excused from the Room

We're are not allowed to let you leave the classroom unless it is an emergency.

So if you ask to leave, be prepared to go to the office first!
Everyone in our classroom community deserves to be treated with respect. If someone is talking, everyone else is listening.
Communication is key.

If you're struggling or want something more from this class, PLEASE talk to me about what I can do to help you!
We will be using our laptops for our writings, research, projects, and will submit all assignments on Google Classroom.
IF I notice that you are off-task, you will be given a warning or blank screen then computer will be taken away.

Later today, we will sign a technology contract to make sure things like this don't happen.
When working in groups use your "inside voices" and discuss the subject matter.
Challenge yourself to think outside the box and achieve new levels of greatness.
Let me know when you need help, your likes and dislikes, and tell me about your life outside of class!
Reading and writing are vital to this class. So be prepared to do both DAILY!!
Riding my motorcycle
Skiing, Kayaking, Running
Spending time with my family and friends.

About Mrs. Johnson
Taught Kindergarten for a year.
Two years of Title 1 at Lynch.
6 years at Rowe.
Certified in Elem Ed, Reading Specialist, ESL.
To help you become a successful reader and writer! Enjoy reading and writing!
Fire Drill
Exit the classroom to the right towards Dr. JAM's room and line up in the parking lot.
Actively Engaged
email kjohnson@athensasd.org
phone (570)888-7766 Ext:3300
check Powerschool
Please contact me with any questions,
comments, or concerns!

"Alone we can do so little. Together we
can do so much." ~Helen Keller

Sustained Silent Reading (SSR)
Daily Common Core
Read a variety of stories
Student led discussions
Argumentative writing
Descriptive writing
Narrative writing
Choice projects
Interactive "games"- Kahoot, Jenga, etc.
Conferences (Strengths and Improvements)
Pass- Complete all assignments, try your best, and participate!
Fail- Not completing work or participating.
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