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A Level - Participation Pyramid

No description

Daniel Yates

on 19 June 2017

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Transcript of A Level - Participation Pyramid

The Journey to Elite Performance
What is Elite Performance?
Represent national team
Compete in International Competitions
One of the top percentage of performers in the world
Professional Athletes that reach the pinnacle of their chosen activity
Are all elite athletes professional athletes?
It is not straightforward!
Grass Roots
At this level people are just starting the sport. Learning the basics. Usually this will be young children for example u7 mini soccer.
At this level individuals are starting to choose to play certain sports on a regular basis. They are part of a local club or team and compete at low levels against others
At this level individuals are competing at town and county levels. This is a high level of performance that individuals will have to train regularly to compete at.
Sporting Organisations
UK Sport
• Talent Identification
• Performance lifestyle
• Coaching
• Research and Innovation
• Sports science and Medicine
• Programme
Developing Elite Performance in the UK
So where is all the money coming from to fund this programme?
•Encourage and develop higher standards of sporting excellence in the UK
•Identify sporting policies that should have a UK-wide application
•Identify areas of unnecessary bureaucracy (overly rigid or complex procedures)
•Develop and deliver appropriate grant programmes in conjunction with the governing bodies and home county sport councils
•Oversee policy on sport science, sports medicine, drug control, coaching and other areas where there is a need for a consistent UK-wide policy
•Coordinate policy for attracting major international events to the UK
•Represent the UK internationally and increase the influence of the UK at an international level.
UK Sport Remit
The World Class Performance Pathway
World Class Podium
– this programme will support sports with realistic medal capabilities at the next Olympic/Paralympic Games

World Class Podium Potenital
– this programme is designed to support the stage of the pathway immediately beneath the podium. It will comprise of sports that have demonstrated they have realistic medal winning capabilities for 2016.

World Class Talent
– this programme is designed to support the identification and confirmation of athletes who have the potential to progress through the World Class Pathway with the help of targeted investment. Olympic athletes will be a maximum of eight years away from the podium, but it could be much less for paralympic athletes.
What is it?
Research Task
Girls 4 Gold
Basketball Funding and Letters to the Prime Minister
UK Institutes of Sport
English Institute of Sport
Offers athletes services in the following areas to ensure they reach their potential:
Sports Science
Sports Medicine
Applied Physiology and biology
Medical consultation and medical screening
Nutritional advice
Performance analysis
Psychological conditioning
Strength and conditioning coaching,
Sports massage
Sports vision
The Performance Lifestyle programme which provides supplementary career and Education advice.
Network of Regional Centres of Excellence
EIS and NGB's
The EIS also works closely with NGB's to provide athletes with the best coaching and facilities available
The Wales Sports Council
Main function is to provide funding to top athletes to ensure they have the best facilities available to them
The organisation has a great history of co-operation with NGB's and other organisations to ensure their athletes are provided with the best quality provision in every area
Coaching, technical support, sports medicine, sports science, strength and conditioning and Lifestyle guidance is all provided by the SIS.

Since 1998, Institute-supported athletes have achieved 11 World Champions, 2 Olympic Gold medals and 4 Olympic Silver medals.

A pilot initiative used the T-CUP technique to get our coaches and athletes thinking like winners. Thinking Correctly Under Pressure!
Scottish Institute of Sport
Sports Coach UK
University Centre of Excellence
Sports Coach UK runs the 16 national coaching centres which are primarily based in institutions of higher education. The aims of the organisation are to:

•Lead and develop the national standards of Coaching

•Work with organisations such as local authorities, national governing bodies, the British Olympic Association and higher education to improve the standards and professional development of coaches

•Provide high quality education programmes, products and services such as coaching literature, videos, seminars and worksheets, factsheets and databases.
What areas are highlighted in the video as necessary to develop a high quality athlete development programme?
What should a high quality coach education programme contain?
•sport-specific knowledge (techniques/strategies)

•performance-related knowledge (fitness/nutrition/mental preparation)

•ethics and philosophy (codes of practice)

•management/vocational skills (planning/time/money)

•teaching/coaching methodology (communication skills)

•practical coaching experience
It aims to achieve its goals over three main phases:
The objectives are to:
The UK Coaching Certificate is an initiative to endorse coach education programmes, across sports within the UK, against agreed criteria including:
• 2005–2008 (three years from start date)
• 2009–2012 (seven years from start date)
• 2013–2016 (11 years from start date).
Help coaches play a key role in increasing sport participation
Improve sport performances
Build a career structure for coaches.
Endorsement of the coaching qualification a coach will take
Development of appropriate remit to deliver effective and high quality coach education programmes
Quality assured administration and management structure of coach education provision provided by sports
Quality assured training provision of coach education programmes
How will Sports Coach UK achieve this?
Encourage interest in the Olympic Games
Foster the ideals of the Olympic movement
Organise and coordinate British participation in terms of Travel and equipment of competitors and officials
Assist the governing bodies of sport in provision of their competitions
Advise on public relations
Provide a forum for consultation among governing bodies
Organise an Olympic day in the UK
Raise funds through the British Olympic appeal, mainly from private sources, business sponsors and the general public
Advise on training, nutrition and sports psychology for Olympic coaches
Provide medical and careers advice for athletes
Sponsor medical research into fitness and athletic injuries.
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