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No description

Laura Sebring

on 19 September 2016

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Transcript of Recycle

Have recycling bins in the cafeteria
also outside and in the hallways,we could also recycle paper in the classrooms.
Start a petition to get many people to help earn money for better food in the school cafeteria.
After school programs
More school activities like:
Spelling Bee
Science Fair
Time Capsule
Poetry Contest
Talent Show
Abby Rodriguez
Faith Rangel
Laura Sebring

Students should have a free period to be able to de-stress, get caught up on work, and to have time to rethink things over.
Allow a suggestion box for more improvement in the school

Improving our school
Free Period
Have students vote on different groups/clubs , Allow many different appropriate ways of learning and fun. It would also be a safe environment even for students that have no one to come home to.
Curb appeal
We should make the front of the school pleasing, enough for people to think highly of the school, we should allow students to volunteer to help clean up around the school premises
Reading at the retirement homes
Volunteer with the mentally disabled people
Help watch animals at the animal shelter
Help carry groceries to vehiles
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