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White Settlement in Australia

No description

Brianna Hedges

on 20 July 2013

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Transcript of White Settlement in Australia

White Settlement in Australia
White Settlement
In Australia
The Indigenous first encountered with
the English in 1770. Captain James
Cook led the convicts on 11 ships to
Australia, which he thought was
Confusion on First
When the Aboriginals first saw the
English, they thought that they were
ghosts. Captain Arthur Phillip became
friends with an old indigenous man,
he gave the man beads and other different things, though when the old man tried to take one of his shovels
Captain Arthur Phillip slapped him and pushed him away. The Indigenous man did not know why his friend had acted that way.
When the English people arrived, the Aboriginals thought that they were their dead ancestors. But as they took more of their precious land they soon realised that they were not trying to be friends.
The Fighting Began
As the Aboriginal people realised that these people were taking more of their beloved home, they began to fight back. Obviously they had no idea what fire arms were capable of so it was an extremely unfair war.
The English brought diseases the Aboriginies had never seen before.
Many people died from smallpox or even the common cold. Within two years smallpox had killed more than half the population of Indigenous around Sydney.
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