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Brooke C.

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Nasa

July 1 1960
Nasa established a new facility in Huntsville, Alabama
April 27, 1961
Launch of Explorer 11 was the first satellite to detect gamma rays from cosmic sources.
May 25, 1961
John F. Kennedy declared that we would attempt to land men on the moon and bring him back safely.
By: Brooke Comstock, Andy Webb, Fletcher Stauffer, and Corey Vester
April 12, 1961
May 5, 1961
January 26, 1962
They had a successful launch of the first person in space, Yuri Gagarin
The first American launched into space, Alan B. Shepard Jr.
September 10, 1961
Detector failure on Explorer 11 ended it's mission, and VANISHED!
Launch of Ranger 3, the first successful launch of a satellite towards the moon.
February 20, 1962
John Glenn became he first american to orbit the Earth
April 12 1961
Vostok 1 is launched by the U.S.S.R., carrying Cosmonaut Yuri A. Gargarin, the very first man in space. He orbited the Earht only once
May 5, 1960
The Mercury Freedom 7 carries Alan B. Shepard,Jr., the very first U.S astronaut into space, in a suborbital flight.

August 6 1961
Vostok 2 is launched by the U.S.S.R., holding Cosmonaut German Titov, the very first day-long Soviet space flight.

February 20, 1962
Mercury Friendship 7 lifts off into orbit with John H. Glenn, Jr., the first American to go into orbit.

Scott Carpenter repeated John Glenn's flight aboard "Aurora 7".
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