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cloud computing- new foundation in healthcare

No description

anuj agrawal

on 15 March 2014

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Transcript of cloud computing- new foundation in healthcare

but what if there are lakhs of employeee?
He needs to provide each of his employee with a computer and a licensed software.
It is a strategy that talks about the sharing or access of computer resources(servers, software, storage) via internet that operates in a cloud server.
Elasticity and scalability
Broad network access.
Easily manageable.
pay as you go.
models of cloud computing
pay for servers "by the hour"(as demanded)
pay for storage "per gigabyte" per month
pay for data transfer "per gigabyte".
Elasticity & Scalability
Easily manageable
You can concentrate completely on your work. There is no need to update your software, virus recoveries etc. as they have been already done for you.

It is highly reliable as the data on the cloud always has a backup. There is easy recovery in case some data is lost by the customer.

Community Cloud
Managed by a third party or internally

Infrastructure is shared in a specific community.
Public cloud
Is owned by the service provider
Owns the Highest level of efficiency
Pay per use model.
Accessible through the internet.
Hybrid Cloud
specific resources are run under Public,private and community cloud.
work on your application on both physical machine and switch to a virtual machine.
A private space dedicated to your company within a cloud. Data center designed to handle your company’s workload.

sent over a specific organization
runs in a private network
highly secure
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

The IaaS layer offers storage and compute resources that developers and IT organizations can use to deliver business solutions
Platform as a Service (PaaS)
provides the users to rent the hardware, operating systems, storage and network.
also called the middleware.
develop applications using web based tools.
Software as a Service (SaaS)
In the SaaS layer, the service provider hosts the software so you don’t need to install it, manage it, or buy hardware for it. All you have to do is connect and use it.

Scalability means that the application should scale up or down as per requirements. And the service should be available 24*7,no worry for server overloads etc.

Being elastic means to change its functions as per customer requirement.

Everything You Need To Know?
Broad Network Access

It allows the employees to use the cloud from any place. They can access it from their smartphones, tablets, laptops etc. they just need to have an internet connection.


Cloud Computing Has Immense Potential So We Propose An Innovation!
We Have An
If these Medical Records are Misplaced then There Is No BACKUP
We'll bring a Card into the Market that can store all the medical records of a person and the data can be accessible form several locations.
We Plan to reduce to the Human efforts involved in Medical Records maintaining using Cloud Computing.
The Concept of
now Comes into the picture
His goal is to have an efficient & profitable company.
he will find it difficult, stressful and costly to maintain.
You need to stay upgraded with your softwares and seek help from IT companies in case of emergency.
in short, his goal is not achieved
what is it
Problems Faced In the Health sector.
No Access To Medical Records Of a Person During Accidents!
Moreover, a Patient Cannot Carry His Files Everywhere HE Goes
Medical Records Are Cumbersome To Handle.
How are we using this situation?
First of all we will create a cloud where all the records of the patients will be stored and servers will be divided according to the region.
Next step is building a website and providing the profiles to patients.
We will then tie up with the doctors and the hospitals and create special profiles of them.
Every time a patient visits the doctor his card is updated there itself.
Old records will be updated at our centers.
The records can also be updated regularly at our centers.
provides universal platform
reduces efforts
saves paper
long lasting
IT team is also Needed to look after all the work.
the results will be unexpected!
Are Available
To explore the potential of cloud and reach the sky.
Private Cloud
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