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Copy of Copy of Copy of Jeopardy! Template

Study Guide created by Claire Li!

Maria Garza

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Copy of Jeopardy! Template

The measure of arc PS, if segments PQ and RS are two diameters of circle T, and if the measure of arc PR is 35 degrees.
The geometric figures that are congruent in a circle or in congruent circles, if and only if two minor arcs are also congruent
What are corresponding chords?
What is 145 degrees?
The point on a circle which is the intersection of a tangent line and the circle
What is point of tangency?
An angle whose vertex is the center of the circle
What is a central angle?
The formation of points on a cirlce that lie in the interior of a central angle which measures less than 180 degrees
What is minor arc?
The point in a circle from which all points on the circle are equidistant.
What is center of a circle?
The measure of each arc on a game show wheel that is divided into 15 congruent sections.
What is 24 degrees?
The length of arc BC in circle D, with inscribed isosceles triangle ABC, where sides AC and BC are congruent, and arc AB measures 116 degrees
What is 122 degrees?
The values of the variables, if PQRS is a kite inscribed in a circle, where y represents congruent angles P and R, angle S measures 108 degrees, and x represents angle Q
What are x=72 and y=90?
The length of radius BC in circle C, where tangent segment AB measures 12 cm and segment AC measures 13 cm
What is 5 cm?

Daily Double
The relation to the center, in the same circle or in congruent circles, of two chords are that are congruent
What is equidistant?
A line is tangent to a circle if and only if this relatioship exists between it and the radius of the circle
What is perpendicular?
What is an inscribed angle?
An arc with endpoints that are enpoints of a diameter
What is semicircle?
A segment whose endpoints are the center and a point on the circle
What the diameter does to
a chord and its corresponding arc if the diameter is perpendicular to it
What is bisects?
Two circles that have the same center and no common tangents.
What is concentric?
The part of the measure of its intercepted arc that is equal to the measure of an inscribed angle.
What is one-half ?
The difference between 360 degrees and the measure of the related minor arc
What is measure of a major arc?
A segment whose endpoints are on a circle
What is a chord?
The measure of arc AB if chord AB is congruent to chord CB, and the measure of arc CB is 110 degrees
What is 110 degrees?
In this diagram, the number of common tangents that can be drawn
What is four?
The angle opposite the diameter of a circle if one side of an inscribed triangle is the diameter
What is a right angle?
Two arcs that have the same measure and are arcs of the same circle or of congruent circles
What are congruent arcs?
A chord that contains the center of the circle
What is diameter?
The value of the variable in the expressions of the lengths of chord ST, 6x-5, and chord UV, 13+4x, where each chord is equidistant from the center.
What is x = 9?
Tangent segments from this location are congruent
What is common external point?
The name of the arc that each of inscribed angle PQS and inscribed angle PRS intercepts
The measure of arc AB in circle C with center at the origin, point A at (0, 4), and point B at (-3, 0)
What is 90 degrees?

An line that intersects a circle in two points
What is a secant?


What is a radius?
An angle whose vertex is on the circle and whose sides contain chords of the circle
What is arc PS?

Daily Double
Daily Double

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