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Mass Media in Morocco

No description

Achraf El

on 30 April 2014

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Transcript of Mass Media in Morocco

Cultural Effects of Mass Media
Freedom of Speech
Influence of Social Media on Mass Media
Freedom of speech is quasi-absent and many journalists practice self-censorship.
- Moroccan women in media
- Distinguish between the social classes
- Stereotypes on Media
Image of Moroccan Family on the Media
- Moroccans are loosing their identity

- Spreading lies to calm people down

- People aren't interested in Politics
1. Introduction
2. Cultural Effects of Mass Media on Moroccan Society
3. The Image of Moroccan Family on the Media
4. Freedom of Speech in Morocco
5. Influence of Social Media on Mainstream Media
6. Conclusion
- Al Maghreb Al Aksa, 1877
- La Vigie Marocaine, 1920
- Radio Maroc, 1928
- TVM, 1962
Mass Media in Morocco
By virtue of the 2004 Audio-visual Communication law, the number of radio stations and television channels had increased since 2006.
Darija in series
Presented by:
Achraf El Fitre

Online journalism is gaining ground on the Moroccan media landscape, helping to break the silence over many sensitive issues and broadening the margins of media freedom and freedom of expression.

- Daniel gate
Amina El Filali
Nador kiss
Other examples
Other examples
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