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The White House Has Fallen

A story written by Kameron Magstadt for English 2.10, 2.11, and 2.12. Inspired by "White House Down".

Kameron Magstadt

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of The White House Has Fallen

The White House Has Fallen
Kameron Magstadt
The White House Has Fallen

John Cale worked for the White House by protecting the Speaker of the House. It wasn't a glamorous job but it needed to get done. He tried out for the secret service but didn't make it in. He went home discouraged to his wife and daughter. “How would you like a tour of the White House?” John said. “For real? Yes I would love to!” his daughter said.”Okay let’s go.”

One hour later...

“Get the president to the vault”, the secret service man yelled. “We have no time to spare!” They formed a diamond formation with eight secret service men on the outside and the president in the middle. Once in position they hurried out the door towards the library. Once they reached the hallway they ran into two men heavily armed with machine guns. The first man of the secret service drew his gun to shoot but was too late. Him and two other secret service men were shot and killed. The fourth man shot the two men before they could get the president. Now with only five men guarding the president, they ran the rest of the way to the library. Once inside they shut the door to make sure no one could get in. “Mr. President. Enter the code to unlock the vault.” The president entered the code and the door opened. They ran down the three sets of stairs to the bottom. At that time John Cale was watching the men and the President walk down the stairs from behind the wall. In his hand he clutched a pistol that he had picked up from the dead bodyguard by the door. The men and the President finally reached the bottom of the stairs. At the bottom there was another wall. Behind the wall was the security and control room. “Hurry Mr. President! Open the door.” The President scanned his fingerprint and the door opened. James Woods was the leader of secret service agents. Once the door opened, James pulled out a gun, shot the five secret service agents and pointed it at the president. “What in the world did you do that for?” the president yelled. James let out an evil laugh. “Ha ha ha ha. I got him.” He said over the radio. “Okay we are on our way” came the reply. John, who has been watching all this in shock and anger, stands up and yells, “Put the gun down James!” James looks up and fires a shot at John; it hits the wall right next to his head. He ducks and fires one at James. “Mr. President, run up the stairs to me!” John yells. The Presidents start running up the stairs, trying not to get hit by the bullets that are zooming past his head. John is firing at James so he will stay pinned down and the President can come to him safely. The president and John run down the hallway towards the door, and then to their horror, racing down the stairs are the terrorists. Masks on their faces, guns in their hands, they run down the stairs. “Get behind me“John tells the President. The three terrorists spot John and the President hiding and pelt them with bullets. James runs out of the door into the hallway. John takes his gun and shoots him in the stomach. He fell to the ground dead. “Mr. President, take this grenade and when I give the signal throw it at those men. Now!!” He stood up and threw it with all his might then ducked down. Boom! There was a huge explosion! John and the President stood up. By the stairs there were three men laying there dead. They did! They saved the white house from being taken over by terrorist! “Good job, John. I am going to make you my new secret service leader.” John smiled. “Okay. Let’s go. We have people who are waiting for us outside.” They walked out the door and into the front yard. There were people everywhere. Everyone was very happy to see the president was alive. “Thanks John. Thanks for saving my life.” John smiled and shook his hand.

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