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Invasion or Settlement

No description

ashlee johnston

on 18 March 2011

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Transcript of Invasion or Settlement

Do you think the British Colonisation of Australia should be considered white settlement or a british invasion? Settlement - the right which a person has of
being considered as a resident of a particular place. Invasion - The act of invading; the act of encroaching
upon the rights or possessions of another, trespass. Terra Nullius - Meaning unoccupied land
or land that hasnt been claimed yet, land with no owner. Do i think Australia was Terra Nullius ? No. Invasion. Massacres Myall Creek massacre 10th June 1838 a group of white settlers murdered 28 aboriginal men, women and children near Myall Creek station, in northern New South Wales, near Bingara. Seven of the killers were tried & hung. aboriginals did not give up
there land, it was taken. two young boys escaped the white settlers &
two young girls lives were spared, but only to be raped. one of the worst recorded cases of Aboriginal murder Aboriginal resistance - key leader Pemulwuy Pemulwuy became such a hero that the Govener actually outlawed Pemulwuy and issued for for his death or capture. Pemulwuy was shot the following mounth & his head was severed and sent to England. Yagan Yagan was also one of the most respected aboriginal resistance leaders Someone was shot for steeling potatos from a settlers garden, Yagan was amongst the group that returnd to seek revenge. for thousands of years Australians have taught to believe the country was peacefuly settled by Europeans. The British just invaided, hungrey for land. Fences were built, strange animals were introduced. Aboriginal people thought at first that the newcomers would be gone, many thought their white skins ment they were returned spirits of the dead. The british settlers were welcomed, shown watercourses and given food. when it became obvious the "visitors" had no intensions on leaving or sharing, war begain Invasion or Settlement ? By Ashlee Johnston I do not think that Australia was ever Terra Nullius when the British were settling, Australia was taken without permission and the settlers striped Aboriginals of there rights & respect.
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