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Reclaimed Shipping Container - Monica H

No description

Monica Hoang

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Reclaimed Shipping Container - Monica H

Insulation used: recycled denim;
- Requires less energy to produce,
- Is 100% recyclable,
- Easy to install,
- Cotton creates a good sound barrier. Carpeted floors:
- Recycled carpets.
- Eco-friendly.
- Instead of being made from petroleum and other harmful fossil fuels, they're made out of pre- and post-consumer plastics.
- 100% recyclable plastic bottles.
- When it wears out, it can be down-cycled into insulation or furniture stuffing. Library For my library, I used five shipping containers. Lighting:
- L.E.D lighting.
- Saves energy ; uses about 1/10 the amount of energy used in regular light bulbs.
- Last about thirty times longer.
- Saves money; using less energy and replacing light bulbs less often.
- Helps save the Earth; L.E.D lights use less energy to manufacture, and takes up less space in landfills.
- Contains no mercury and are recyclable. Reclaimed Shipping Container Front View Back View Isometric View Side View My library is made up of four main sections. Reading area:
- Filled with children's books and teen novels.
- Where most of the reading is done.
- Bean bags to provide comfort. Kid's play area:
- Toys for children of all ages.
- Toy chest to put toys in.
- Small desk for kids to draw and colour at.
- Small bookshelf with kids fairytale books. Study area:
- Designed for teens and adults.
- Quiet place to do work and research.
- Includes a desk and computer with internet access.
- Bookshelves with books.
- Chairs and bean bags for comfort. History section:
- Across from the kid's play area and study area.
- Three bookshelves filled with history books. For my library, I used five shipping containers. Model
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