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Marketing 1299

Niki Mckenzie

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of YouTube

Niki Mckenzie
Amila Bhamji
Jesse Kopan
Trevor Beggs
David Peters What Is YouTube? From the Beginning Billions of people around the world
A place to express ones self
Channels and accounts
Place to watch almost anything
Playlists (Music)
Editing videos
Sharing with friends via Facebook or Twitter ect. How Did YouTube Begin? All over a dinner party... Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, Jawed Karim 2005- Progression of YouTube Feb- Domain name is registerd
Apr- First video
Dec- Official site launch 2006- Jul- 100M views, 65,000 uploads/ Day
Oct- Acquired by Google for $1.65B 2007- Jun- Mobile site is launched
Aug- InVideo ads launched 2008- Jan- 10 hours/min
May- 13 hours/min
Oct- 15 hours/min
Dec- YouTube goes HD 2009- Apr- Full length TV and Movies
May- 20 hours of video uploaded/min
Oct- 1 billion views a day 2010- Jan- Rentals launched
Mar- 24 hours uploaded/min
May- 2 billion plus view/day 2011- 2012 Your Pick Game Time Top Ten Video Quiz Our goal is to allow every person on the planet to participate by making the upload process as simple as placing a phone call. This new video content will be available on any screen - in your living room, or on your device in your pocket. YouTube and other sites will bring together all diverse media which matters to you, from videos of family and friends to news, music, sports, cooking and much, much more. Mission Statement Specific strategies YouTube has also changed their material from short, entertaining videos, to longer, more engaging videos. YouTube pays viral Celebrities for reaching a certain number of views.
YouTube has not released specific numbers on how much they pay. Target Market YouTube does not have one defined target market
Based on the most viewed videos of all time, the target market would be a demographic of ages 14-24 Strength's:
Website is easy to use
Ability for users to broadcast their own content to the world SWOT Analysis Weaknesses
Advertisements drive away viewers
Some competitors offer better quality content Opportunities
Air TV shows online
Partner up with TV stations Threats
Competitors may capitalize on YouTube's weaknesses
If users want to watch higher quality content they may go to a different video website Price
YouTube is a free service
YouTube makes money off of their advertisements The 4 P's Place
The internet Promotion
YouTube does very little to promote itself
Many companies pay Google to have their company promoted on YouTube Product
YouTube is an online service
Consumers use it to find videos they want to view YouTube has a competitive advantage because of its well known brand name
Therefore companies pay YouTube to have their content promoted Competitive Advantage Social Responsibility YouTube deletes malicious content
Any inappropriate is blocked for users under 18
Since content is appropriate for most viewers it is accessible to most age groups Positioning Map Game Time GO Cultural Significance What does it mean to consumers?

Ex. Jenna Marbles
800 Million unique visitors a month
Billions of videos
Ex. China and Pakistan Cultural Significance What needs does it try to satisfy?
Covers 3 needs in Maslow's Hierchy
Ex. Justin Bieber
Covers various needs of non-broadcasters
Ex. Kony 2012
Needs depend on what the consumer is looking for How YouTube has changed? began in 2005, first video posted by co-founder.

In a year up to 65,000 videos a day
third most popular site on the internet.

In 2012, YouTube was rated the third most popular site on the Internet, behind only Facebook and Google.

Some of the biggest celebrities on the planet have been discovered through YouTube.

In 2007 YouTube began to incorporate advertisements into their website.

Recently YouTube switched to showing longer, and more engaging videos Where will YouTube be in ten years? Receive assigned video.

Watch video.

Look up assigned marketing term

Relate it to your video (you will need to explain your reasoning to the class). Where will they actually be in ten years?
They have developed brand loyalty.
Already have 800 million unique visitors every month.
Many of the top channels within YouTube rank, with the top cable channels.
YouTube has the ability to overtake television if its popularity continues to rise Product Life Cycle Personal Significance Group Activity Chapter Relevance Brand Community


Word of Moutch Communication

Opinion Leaders

ShopMob 800 million users
72 hours uploaded/min
4 billion plus views Feb-490 millions users
-2.9 billion hours spent on YouTube
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