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Life Cycle of an Orange

No description

Megan Kuipers

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Life Cycle of an Orange

The Life of an Orange How does it start? It starts as a seed that grows into
a tree that is planted in a nursery After it is picked Families take home the oranges and eat them and enjoy their sweet and sometimes sour flavors with each other. After a few years the trees begin to produce crop It takes awhile for the trees to finally be able to produce a good amount of oranges for them to be harvested Oranges are harvested in May and and some are harvested as late as October After oranges are picked they are taken to a factory where they have to be processed to make sure they are good enough to eat and sell After they are chosen to go to
the store they have to have
put the company stickers on them. Oranges are packaged in cartons, boxes, crates or net bags Oranges have to be transported in a refrigerated truck to stay fresh and ripe They are then transported to the stores by truck and sold to the public Only 20% of oranges are used whole. The rest are used in juices and preserves. Oranges are grown in warm climates Sources:
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3. http://blog-greenhousemegastore.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Orange-Tree.jpg By: Megan Cleek
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