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Kimberly Dunn

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

My Family
Kimberly Dunn
Blossoming into my Profession
Early Childhood Education 2015

InTasc Standards
All About Me
My Internship
My Support System
My Future
Special Education
My Philosophy
My "crazy beautiful life!"
I am a mom, wife, student, and teacher.


~ Mrs. Sealfon and Mrs. Knight
~ Kindergarten:
reading, math, science,
and social studies
#1 Learner Development
The teacher understands that learner development varies individually. They can provide learning opportunities that support students intellectual, social, and personal development by providing them with developmentally appropriate and challenging learning experiences.
#2 Learning Differences
#3 Learning Environment
The teacher is able to develop experiences for collaborative and self directed learning. They can create an environment that supports all learning styles and develop shared values among learners of positive learning, mutual respect, and active inquiry.
#4 Content Knowledge
The teacher has an expert understanding of what they are teaching. Using knowledge of content and teaching pedagogy the teacher is able to create learning experiences that make these aspects of subject matter meaningful for all students.
#5 Application of Content
#6 Assessment
#7 Planning for Instruction
#9 Professional Learning and Ethical Practice
#10 Leadership
and Collaboration
My Mentor Teachers
After graduation I plan to continue to substitute in CCPS and FFCS. I would love to have a full time teaching job by the 2015-2016 school year. I would love to continue to grown and learn as a teacher and to do so I plan on taking classes each year to pursue my Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education.
Kindergarten Team
Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed about becoming a teacher. I knew when I graduated high school and went onto college what my degree would be. I have been in the education field and teaching preschool for about 10 years. I love watching children learn and blossom everyday.
Parr's Ridge Elementary School
Mount Airy, Maryland

The InTASC Standards outline the common principles and foundations of best teaching practices. I believe it is necessary for teachers to understand and follow these guidelines to ensure a successful classroom and acquire student achievement in all aspects of learning. I believe to do this teachers need to:
The teacher understands and uses a variety of instructional strategies to encourage students' development of critical thinking, problem solving, and performance skills using Bloom's Taxonomy, and can relate these skills to current events or global issues.
The teacher must understand and use a variety of instructional strategies to encourage students' development of critical thinking, problem solving, and performance skills. They must supply multiple models and representations of concepts and products to ensure an understanding of the content in meaningful ways.
The teacher must be a life long learner and be reflective in evaluating the effects of his or her choices and actions on others, and actively seek out opportunities to grow professionally and is always seeking a deeper understanding of their "craft" to better assist the needs of their students.
The teacher continues to build relationships with school colleagues, parents, and the community to support students' learning and well-being to ensure learner growth, and to advance the profession to teach beyond boundaries.
Amy Knight
- Amy has been teaching Kindergarten for over almost 10 years. I feel that Amy and I have very similar teaching styles and I see myself running my own classroom just like hers. Her classroom management is phonomonal! She is always making learning fun, but the children know she means business!
Allyson Sealfon
- Allyson has been teaching Kindergarten for almost 8 years. She took a few years off to raise her children, but you can not tell all. The amount of patience and understanding she has is amazing. She has a very laid back teaching style and has taught me a lot about learning to go with the flow. Allyson is very "techy" and I can not wait to use that and all of the knowledge she has taught me in my classroom on day!
Sitting here trying to write a little something about these two women is very difficult for me. Not because my experience was bad, but because they made this internship the best it could ever be! My experience was like no other! Having to practically take over after only two weeks of being in Mrs. Knight's class and then moving half way through into Mrs. Sealfon's class. These ladies mean so much to me, I don't think they will ever understand. They have made me understand that every class is very different and every year will be different. They have taught me so much about classroom management, and teaching styles, and shown me what it is like to be on an amazing team. They have taught me so much about my self not only as a teacher, but as a person. Most of all, they have taught me to believe in my self and that I will one day be a great teacher!
My family is my rock! I would be lost without them! Through-out the last 7 years of trying to completing my bachelors they have been there for me in ever way possible. From helping study, and making me laugh, to pushing me and telling me I CAN DO THIS! I did this not only for myself, but FOR THEM as well!
This was my first day of classes at WAU~ May 2008
I choose WAU because they had a program that would work with my schedule. The School of Graduate of Professional Studies has been a blessing to my family and I. Being about to complete my bachelors at night and still work during the day was the key for our success.
I have learned more than I could ever imagine throughout this program. I have learned not only all about Early Childhood Education, but also about special education, communication, and religion. This program has taught me to strive to achieve my best and to learn more each day. I am blessed to be apart of this program.
I have met many amazing people along this journey. To the cohort I was once in, to the two cohorts I have had the pleasure to getting to know these past two years. Thank you for all of your support!
Last and definitely not least, to a lady I met a few years ago! Who without, none of this would have been possible, Professor Annie Raney. From teaching me in her methods class, to answering that phone call two years ago, to guiding me through my internship and now to GRADUATION! I can not say thank you enough!
I believe that every child should be entitled to an education not matter what their abilities. While the needs of special education students differ, I believe that each child deserves a valuable and well-delivered education. This education should focus on each child's immediate and future needs. I believe, to meet these needs, children with disabilities should be included in the least restricted environment and actively be engaged with positive social interaction with their peers daily.
The teacher understands that all students are unique learners and is aware of diverse and cultural differences. They can design, adapt, and deliver instruction that is adapted to each diverse learners needs to ensure the success of each student.
Early childhood education is the foundation for a child's growth and development to make them life-long learners. I believe that it is important to stimulate curiosity and spark creativity in each of the beginning stages of life so that children grow up with an open mind and a love for learning. I believe that education does not have one single purpose. Education teaches students lifelong vales, discipline, and the gives them the ability to explore new ideas and allows them to create higher level thinking. Children need an atmosphere of love and learning that teachers and parents can provide that will help them achieve success in life. Teachers, parents, and the community need to work together as a whole to make learning a success for a school and it's children. I believe that education does not prepare a path for the child, but prepare the child for the path, the path to success!

Differentiated instruction
Whole group, small group, and one-on-one instruction
Hands on activities
Visual aids for visual learners
Auditory learning
Self directed
Organize and manage time and space through learning centers
"By identifying various ways of organizing learning spaces, teachers can create a caring, positive, and inspiring learning environment."
Engages students to understand, question, and analyze ideas.
Asks open ended and higher thinking questions to stimulate reflection on prior content knowledge.
Using different materials of instruction to help students understand different perspectives to engage learning.
"Flat Stanley" What is going on around the world
The teacher understands and uses multiple formative and summative assessments to engage, evaluate, and ensure the continuous development of the learner. They use the data to guide and adapting their teaching strategies to foster the growth of their learners.
The teacher plans and creates appropriate instruction based upon knowledge of subject matter, each students short and long term goals, the community context, and the state curriculum standards
Common Core State Standards and
Indicators for each Quarter of Kindergarten
Lesson Plans
Formal Assessment Data
Information to support instruction
A variety of instructional activities to choose from during "Daily 5"
#8 Instructional Strategies
Visual aids to help understand learning strategies
A verity of learning games that build skills
Using a verity of techniques to apply critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Developmentally appropriate instruction for each child's individual learning needs.
Professional Development

Letter of "Kudos" from Supervisors
Professional Development Plan
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