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Unit 3 P1: Explain how organizations use information.

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Sarah Wong

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of Unit 3 P1: Explain how organizations use information.

In this introduction i have been asked to create a short presentation to show my understanding about the variety of attributes and attitudes and they are:
- Qualitative information
- Quantitative information
- Primary source
- Secondary source
- Internal information source
- External information source
- Business functional area
- Reliability of data source
Qualitative information is what you see in front of you and not what you can measure.
There are some data can be looked at but it can't be measured.
For example:
The image below is a design of a website that i made.
Qualitative data:
- Pink and purple color
- The title of the text is in Giddyup Std
- A cake shop
- Looks very girly
Qualitative information
The internal information can be available from a variety of sources within the organization.
Internal information is information that has been stored into a file in the company or business that they have used in the past for future uses.
For example:

Internal information source
Quantitative information uses numbers and there are some data that can be measured.
Quantitative information is where many people use numbers rather than looking at the object and describing what it looks like.
Quantitative data:
- The baby shower image is 6.5 cm by 7.8 cm
- The wedding cake will cost $379.96
- 90% of the icing on the cake is pink on the image of the birthday cake
Quantitative information
P1: Explain how organizations use information.
By Sarah Wong
Primary source is a document or a object that was made by a person from scratch meaning it is a original document.
Some primary sources are:
- Original documents
Diaries, speeches, letters, interviews
- Creative works
Poetry, drama, novels, music
- Relics/artifacts
Furniture, buildings, clothing
Primary source
Secondary source
The secondary source is where another user takes the original source and makes it into their own by adding their own parts to the original source or just analyzing the primary source.
Some examples of secondary source are:
- Publications:
- Textbooks
- Encyclopedia
- Commentaries.
The external information source is information that has been obtained outside from the business or company.
There are many categories of external information source which are:
- Information relating to way a business should undertake its activities
Business need to take and keep a record of peoples names, that way, they are aware of who they need to collect taxes from as part of the government. They would need to acquire a regular information about the tax system.
- Information about the markets in which a business operates
One of the examples would be that business would need to research about marketing. That way they would know how to gain an understanding of the customers needs and how to cut down the risks of products or business failure.
External information source
Business functional area
Reliability of data source
In the world of internet, there are a large number of data that can be seen as both bad and good depending on how you see and use them. It is very important for companies staff to understand how reliable their source of data can be and how dangerous if it got into the wrong hands.
there are times when you or your company needs an external data so that they can use it to help them plan operations.
There are a lot of companies that wish to be the best and have a better understanding of how they person so they can become a better company.
they would need to give some questionnaires to their customers so they have a better understanding of how they can improve their company.
Also they could try to get stakeholders to give them more money which increases their productivity.
In this conclusion I have created a presentation explaining about how organizations use information.
I have that there are many types of information that people use.
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