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Revision Session : Paper 1 Section B (Writing)

AQA iGCSE English Language (Writing) Revision Session

craig ennew

on 6 June 2016

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Transcript of Revision Session : Paper 1 Section B (Writing)

English Language
Revision Session:

You are showing that you can...


Demonstrate technical accuracy

1 Hour; Choice of 3 Questions:
• a piece of descriptive writing
• a piece of discursive or argumentative writing
• a piece of narrative writing
(ie. a story)

First 15 minutes
read and select question
The next 40 minutes
write your answer
The final 5 minutes
Impressing the examiners with:
2015 exam
Describe a person who is significant to you
The best candidates
focused on description
. disappointingly, many resorted to
telling a story
There were effective and touching descriptions, most notably of grandparents, and one memorable description of an older brother who had lost his life fighting abroad.”
Evoke atmosphere
Use fitting vocab
Explore detail through senses
Convey emotion
Use figurative language
Describe (content)
Describe (Structure)
types... (full circle?)
linked paragraphs
at least one single sentence paragraphs
conclude definitely (event / a change)
(Sentence structure & variation)
Occasional one word sentence for effect
Repetition of patterns or phrases for effect
Careful / accurate semi-colon / colon use
Unconventional sentence opening for effect (And... But...)
Describe (technical accuracy)
consistent TENSE use
sentences that make sense
spelling / punctuation
In all 3 text types:
compelling personal voice
discriminate detail
sophisticated paragraphing
sophisticated punctuation
manipulation of reader response
Discussing or exploring an issue; looking at both sides of the argument
Arguing a specific point of view
2015 exam
“Relatives, not friends, have most influence on our lives.” Discuss.
had taken place, responses were almost always appropriately structured and detailed...
Content, structure, sentence structure and variation, and technical accuracy are all equally important...

..achievement is “hampered by an inability to use commas accurately

Discuss / Argue (content)
Planned approach
Clear, convincing reasons
Rhetorical techniques
Discuss / Argue (structure)
Intro: quotation / statistic / soundbite / controversial statement
State what you propose to argue
Counter-argument 1 > then attack it
Counter-argument 2 > then attack it
Counter-argument 3 > then attack it

Powerful, positive conclusion that returns to opening
"You can choose your friends, but you can't choose your relatives."

“Relatives, not friends, have most influence on our lives.” Discuss.
" You can move through many friendship circles in a lifetime; but you only ever have one mother..."
"They say that no man is an island; but who would you choose as your Man Friday: your best friend...or your brother?"
Make counter arguments seem weak...
It has been suggested that…..However, this is not the case.
Although it is sometimes argued…..this is flawed thinking because…..
This is clearly an idea without merit. In actual fact...
The facts refute this.

Attack counter argument with strong RHETORICAL techniques
'a thousand times, we have heard...'
rule of three / tricolon
'loyal, forgiving, unconditional'
'a friend in good times, bad times, all times'
parallel structures
'an eye that's watching over; an ear that's listening out'
rhetorical questions
'where else could we turn in times of despair?'
Discourse markers through your argument,
AND to link paragraphs...
a. In my opinion…..
b. It is my long held belief….
c. It is evident that….
d. Clearly then….
e. It cannot be denied that….
f. Moreover….
g. Furthermore
h. That said….
i. As if that were not enough….
j. An additional consideration…

Powerful, positive conclusion that returns to opening
"So who would you choose as your Man Friday? Friend or brother? Well, who's to say that a person can't have both!"
2015 Exam
rambling narratives in which plot, setting and character play little conscious part
Narrative (Story): content
Plot, setting and characterisation are wholly convincing and link to the title
A range of narrative strands and /or details are threaded through the writing
There is a subtlety of purpose and an ability to manipulate the reader’s response
Write a story suggested to you by the picture below.
(e.g. a boat)
Narrative (structure)
a HOOK in the opening - dialogue? action? creating questions...
starting from the climax...
one word / sentence paragraphs for effect
a carefully managed ending
Blunt for effect; long for reflective
Balance between simple / complex / compound
parallel / repetitious structures for effect
starting with something other than subject
'A range of narrative details....'
-unusual / changing setting.
Sprinkle details throughout the story
- >1 character into your story
- 1st or 3rd person?
- subtle and limited dialogue that forwards narrative
- detailed description and ambitious vocabulary / imagery.

x want to get from
A to B
y gets in the way
Narrative : 'subtlety of purpose'
- original NOT ridiculous or shocking

- there is a sense of there being a wider issue or point beyond the straightforward story...

‘there is equal weighting on: content, structure, variation AND technical accuracy.’
Some general
points about
Semicolons - 2 Uses

It was spring; the daffodils had emerged overnight.

I packed my bag in anticipation of the adventure, throwing in my rifles, cartridges and hunting knife; necessary provisions such as food and water; and, of course, my map and trusty compass

3 Uses for a colon:
You will need the following: pens, pencils, ‘Journey’s End’ and a bottle of water.

The boy remembered the warning: “Don’t forget your copy of ‘Journey’s End’.

These examples are far from subtle: they just want us to remember our texts.

1. I love eating fruit, it is one of my favourite things.

2. After visiting the cinema, we are intending to go to the pub.

3. After a couple of drinks, we enjoyed a lovely stroll along the beach.
Accurate comma use.

4. There are many reasons to visit Greece, the beaches are lovely and the people are friendly.

The Comma Splice!

As the clouds scatter and run, the breeze builds. Now it is a wind: a whirl, a whisper, a whistle in the darkness. The wind calls for the land in a voice like gulls... There is no land. Starlight shimmers off nothing but shivering wave.

Now the sea’s gathering forces surge and writhe. Tumultuous blue hills! The shaggy white crests tumble beneath the stars. The waters rupture.

And then, a boat.

A boat! Now sunk deep in this glassy basin, now thrust upward to the moon, the boat rocks on the sea. Its mast sways uncertainly, like a compass point searching for home. Men’s voices break through the low thrumming of the waves and the shrill keening of the wind. Someone calls for rope, and rope is tossed in oily coils, slithering over the deck. Another man raises his voice against the storm and cries for hands to tug at the rope, and haul and heave it, as though the men were pulling something dangerous from the waves. All the while, the mast flails overhead, taut and white against the purpling clouds, straining to fly.

Despite our gnawing hunger, the boat seemed to sit lower in water, the occasional waves lapping languidly overboard.

My gaze returned to the overwhelming panorama of horizon to my listless daughter. Her eyes had not moved from the remaining crust of bread. I lifted her chin with my forefinger.

Were these to be our last moments together?

'Will you please eat?' I implored. 'I'm stronger than you; your need is greater.'

The three circling gulls mocked our strange stand-off from above with shrill, mocking cries. They seemed to take on the presence of some evil harbinger of misfortune.

Those stubborn eyes wavered for a moment behind heavy, dark-ringed lids, before she drifted, still hungry, into a restless, fearless, dreamless sleep.

When I awoke, the bread and the gulls had gone.

It has often been argued that 'blood is thicker than water', that bonds between blood relatives are firm, unshakeable, unconditional.

What utter nonsense.

Every year, do we not hear of hundreds - if not thousands - of stories that hit the national press about unrestrained violence between family members? Has it not been proven that abuse within the family home is much more common - and even more likely - than abuse beyond? These are sad, but irrefutable facts.
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