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Special Giving

No description

Janet Edmison

on 23 June 2014

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Transcript of Special Giving

Special Giving 101
Mid Level Giving
Individual donors giving $500 - $1,999 annually.

2,600 donors with an average gift size of $218.

Mid Level Donors contribute $1.4 million to our
$15 million budget, making up almost
10% of UGM's total revenue.
Mid Level donors are different than Annual Donors or Major Gift Donors.
So we need to treat them differently.

Getting to know the
We love...

We do not
care for...
of the Mid Level Donor
Sophisticated mail with lots of graphs, charts and intellectual content.
Talking to you on the phone and building a relationship with a member of the development team.
Investing in a specific project.
Being thanked and appreciated.
Pre-authorized payment plans
Plaques & trinkets
Meeting face to face
Accolades for our gifts
We love what UGM is doing.
We appreciate that we are a part of a "team" of donors, volunteers and staff that make UGM programs possible.
We are excellent Planned Giving prospects.
Face to face meetings can easily make us feel pressured, and many of us will never make the time to visit UGM.
We give based on our own personal calendars (financial and otherwise), not yours.
Some of us are good Major Gifts prospects.
Some of us are stretching to be Mid Level donors, and others are giving well below our capacity.
A Hybrid Creature!
Special Giving
Annual Giving
Principle Giving
Mass communication
Donations to Annual Operating Funds
Donor gets to know an organization
Encourages pre-authorized payments
Standardized asks
Small amounts of $ from many people

Personalized communications
Donor gets to know a fundraiser
Donations to specific projects
Personalized asks
Large amount of $ from few people

Personalized mass communication
Segmenting into groups based on giving history and other characteristics
Building relationships over the phone
Developing a "team" mentality
Recording more information
Customizing solicitations
Getting to know donors
Increasing donor engagement

The first gift in the Special Giving portfolio was made in 1987
Almost 30% of the Special Giving portfolio has been giving to UGM for 11 - 15 years.
Strategic Plan 2014-2015
Donor Engagement
Increase average gift amount
Donor survey(?)
Increased contact details
Decrease No Mail (Donor Req)
Develop a stronger donor pipeline.
Drop lapsed donors
consistency and quality
Christmas cards 2.0
Annual report mailing
Seasonal accountability pieces
Camp accountability
Timely stewardship (dashboards)
Stronger new donor plan
invitations and visits
Invite ALL SG donors to UGM (events, tours, volunteer opportunities)
Aim to have 15 donors visit per month
Special communication for donors with mobility barriers
Build relationships over the phone during RSVP calls and TY calls
Poinsettias at Christmas
Mid-Level Christmas Appeal w/ pre/post call (special project focus: W&F)
Thank You Appeal dollar handles - test and evaluate
Remove barriers
prospecting effectively
Questions? Feedback?
Thank You.
Capacity Building
RE training
Dashboard implementation
Reports and queries
Professional development
RE manual for RD
learning and growing
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