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The Difference Between Fastpitch Softball and Baseball

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Francesca Pande

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of The Difference Between Fastpitch Softball and Baseball

The Difference between Softball and Baseball
Background Information
fielding and hitting are different
only similarity is that every team wants to win
pitching is the biggest difference
rules and regulations are different
Thesis Statement
There are several differences between fastpitch softball and baseball besides the fact that every team wants to win.
Difference in Hitting
batting in softball is generally about contact
softball batters swing straight through the ball
baseball hitting is usually all about power
baseball batters swing under the ball
Differences in Pitching
everyone knows the pitching is totally different
softball pitching is underhand, baseball is overhand
the distance between the mound and plate for softball is 43 feet
baseball mound is 60 feet 6 inches
the actual baseball mound is raised but the softball mound is flat
Rules and Regulations
softball runners cannot take a lead until the pitcher releases the ball from her hand
baseball runners can take a lead and steal whenever they choose
baseball players use either a wood bat or a BBCOR bat
softball players use a composite bat
Difference between Fielding
fielders in baseball play further back because they have more ground to cover
softball fielders play closer because the field is smaller
the ball comes faster at the softball fielders because they play on a dirt infield and are closer
baseball fields have grass on the infield to slow the ball down
By: Francesca Pande
Rules and Regulations Continued..
softball pitchers have to have both feet on the mound
baseball pitchers cannot go back in once they come out
softball pitcher can go back in however many times they want
softball and baseball seem similar until you learn about them
there are different rules, regulations, fielding, hitting, and pitching
the only real similarity is that every team wants to win
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The Difference Between Baseball and Softball. 2015. Web. October 26, 2015.

Difference between Softball and Baseball. 2015. Web. October 26, 2015.
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