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The War of 1812: America's First Great Stalemate!

The cause and effect of the War of 1812

Zachary Melzer

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of The War of 1812: America's First Great Stalemate!

The War of 1812:
America's First Great Stalemate! What was the War of 1812? The United States: A sapling nation among a forest of kingdoms The nation is young Louisiana Purchase of 1803 1806:GB passes Orders of Council, searches and Impressment No more government restrictions on settling land Before the war... The nation is growing because... Conflict grows between Great Britain The United States looks like this 1803:Napoleonic Wars 1807: Embargo Act U.S. first attempts at economic sanctions 1809:Non-Intercourse Act 1810:Macon's Bill Number 2 British support American Indian raids "war hawks" push for war Napoleon Bonaparte hints stopping restrictions The War of 1812 War Begins June, 1812:President Madison signs declaration of war against GB Nations leaders divided Was the U.S. justified in declaring war on GB? Why or why not? What do you think the greatest grievance was against the U.S.? Summarize... Summarize the bills passed and why the first two were ineffective war hawks overoptimistic Four areas of battle
East Coast
The Atlantic How might these issues affect the U.S. ability to wage war? War not popular Summarize... Four Regions / Five Battles 1812-1815 The Atlantic U.S. - Largest Neutral Navy GB - Navy outnumbers ours 4 to 1 August 19, 1812 USS Constitution Vs. HMS Guerrière The North/NW U.S. - under 12000 troops total GB - 6032 troops in Canada approves 35,000 more potential Militia 50,000+ October 5, 1813 Battle of the Thames Tecumseh East Coast U.S. - Fighting blockade GB - Nopolion Defeated August 24, 1814 The Burning of Washington East Coast September 13, 1814 Bombardment of Fort McHenry The South/GoM December 1814 - Treaty of Ghent No win or loss... unless your an American Indian January 8, 1815 Battle of New Orleans War Over Summarize each battle in one sentence Big Picture: Was it worth it for the U.S. to go to war with Great Britain in 1812? This is a comprehensive question and when answering in one or two paragraphs you must use at least once a word from the list below.

War hawk (I know its two words)
Tecumseh Francis Scott Key $15,000,000
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