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Hajj And Umrah Booking System

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on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of Hajj And Umrah Booking System

Hajj And Umrah Booking System
Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1 Problem statement & Significance:

One of the major problems that we face when we plan for hajj or umrah is that we don't have enough information to compare between hajj and umrah companies.
In our graduation project, we will solve this problem by adding more details about the companies to make it easy to compare.

Chapter 2: Background Information & Related Work
2.1 Background Information:

A booking system is a system that used to help the organizations that require customers to book their provided services in any date and time. Also it`s help the customers to choose a specific organization according to their requirement. One of these systems is Booking.com that allow the hotel owner to sign in and have a profile page that contain a short description about the hotel and its Features. And it`s allows the user to search for availabilities by hotel`s names or cities, number of days, check-in and check-out date, etc. Also it`s allows the cancellation of reservation in a certain period.

In our graduation project, we want to design a site for Hajj and Umrah booking system. After searching for the similar booking systems, we found Haj1com, Haj.co.uk and MOH Local Hajj Low Fare and we result with that, all the booking systems have a database for their registered companies and a good interface. Some booking systems have a mobile application to facilitate the reservation process. To be registered in the Hajj and Umrah booking system and allow the user to see the company page and compare it with other companies , the company admin should sign in and have a profile page that contain a short description about the company and its features.
Similar Applications:
2.1.1 Haj1.com:
Haj1.com is considered one of the first websites in Saudi Arabia that allow pilgrims to book a seat in a hajj company online, This website facilitate the process of reserving a seat on a hajj company and also it organizes all the hajj requests.
- The website support Arabic and English languages
- Searching for a hajj company by determining the number of males and females. (see Fig 1-1)

2.1.2 Haj.co.uk:
www.haj.co.uk is the first specialist tour operator to offer pilgrimage tours from the UK. For those who have visited Makkah to perform the hajj pilgrimage, they will know the immense and meticulous planning that is required to carefully arrange your trip. Makkah as the most of you know is the most important holy meeting site in Islam.

2.1.3 Booking.com:
Booking.com is one of the most popular hotel and apartment booking websites. We chose this website as one of the similar websites to our project because although they are different in their goal, they are really similar in the way the system works and operates. Both booking.com’s systems and our project’s system require user registering, searching for availability, booking and reserving, payment, cancellation and giving ratings and feedbacks.
When you visit www.booking.com you will first search for availabilities either by hotel names, cities or even certain areas and attractions in a city. You will also choose the dates for reservation and the number of people as shown in figure 1

2.1.4 MOH Local Hajj Low Fare:
MOH Local Hajj Low Fare program was established in this year 2014.
MOH Local Hajj Low Fare program provides all the information of the licensed domestic Hajj companies and establishments which will participate in this year’s Low-Cost Hajj Program, such as the addresses of their camps at the Sacred Sites, the camp categories, the addresses of their headquarters and branches, the prices and their telephone numbers.

1.1 Problem statement & Significance:

One of the major problems that we face when we plan for hajj or
umrah is that we don't have enough information to compare between
hajj and umrah companies.
In our graduation project, we will solve this problem by adding more
details about the companies to make it easy to compare.

1.3 Project domain & limitation:

In our graduation project, we are trying to design a website that helps hajj and umrah pilgrims to make an easier reservation for their hajj and umrah trips by gathering hajj and umrah companies in one site. Our site won`t require any experience in programming languages, and it will serve the pilgrims over the age of 15. For unfortunately our site won`t support the Arabic language, and it can`t give you the final permission for the hajj trip.

In Haj1.com, the user can sign in as a hajj company and recording his information in the database or as pilgrim to search and book a seat in a hajj company by choosing the price budget, class, pilgrims rating, tents locations in Mina, Muzdalifah and Arafat. After the results of his/her search are shown, the pilgrim can choose one of the available companies and complete his/her reservation process. After reservation, the pilgrim can check his/her booking status by entering ID number and mobile number, and if the pilgrim didn`t complete his/her booking data in the first step he/she can complete it late by entering ID number and Pin number in complete booking data section. This site support English and Arabic languages and has a mobile application available in iTunes and Google play.
Fig1-1: searching for companies
- A list with all the hajj companies and its information
will appear and after choosing a company more
specific information will be shown. (see Fig 1-2).

- The ability to refine the search by choosing the price budget, class, pilgrims rating etc.
- Reordering the results by choosing one of the methods for example the price ascending, price descending etc.
- Each hajj company specify their tents locations in Mina, Muzdalifah and Arafat by using Google maps
- The website provides a rating system so you
can see both the pilgrims’ ratings and the ministry of
hajj ratings in each hajj company. (see Fig 1-3)

Fig1-2: Company’s list
Fig1-3: rating system
- It also provide the location of the company’s office and its contact info
- When booking for a hajj company a registration form will appear, it contains the personal
information that must be filled, next is choosing the seat location in the bus and finally choosing the bed location in the tint. (see Fig 1-4).

This website also provide a mobile application for both IOS and Android that automatically recognize the users if they have booked for hajj through the website, it helps the lost pilgrims guiding them by GPS to their tents in Mina, Muzdalifah and Arafat and other important places. It also guides them in hajj performance, emergency contacts, rating and review.
We didn’t see a significant problems in the website but the cancellation process wasn’t really declared very well.

Fig1-4: registration processes
Haj & Umra Travel Limited has over 50 years experience in organizing HAJJ & UMRAH Tours. Their tours are tailored to take care of all the planning associated with travelling abroad, so the passenger can spend their time at ziyarat and prayers during their stay in Saudi Arabia (see figure 2-1). Their experienced staff will be with you at each stage to make sure that everything runs good.

- There are no pictures for each company.
-There is no rating, only reviews.
-There is no mobile application for this website.

Fig2-1: Schedule for ziyarat with the prices
After the results are shown, you get to
refine your search by rating, price, stars and
other options. It also shows if the availability
is low for example (there are only 5 rooms
left) as shown figure 2

One of the major advantages of booking.com is that it is also provided in a mobile application. It is also really easy to use with a lot of options to make bookings easier. The major disadvantage is that it has a messy main page as shown in figure 3
Fig4-1: interface of the program
• The program support Arabic and English languages.
• It does allow you to cancel your reservation. (see Fig 4-2

• Reviewing the terms and the conditions for the pilgrims and all the services and categories specified for the Low-Cost Hajj Program.
• Allowing the pilgrim to add his companions. (see Fig 4-3)

Fig4-2: cancel reservation
Fig4-4: filtering system
• The program doesn’t provide a rating system,
comment section and pictures.
• There is a problem in the program that he does not apply the conditions of registration, for example, if have been already pilgrimage during the past five years, it allows you to register.
• The program is dedicated to a specific category (local low cost companies).

Finally, there is no mobile application for this program.

2.1.5 Customers’ opinions
One of the big challenges that faced the pilgrims is choosing the good company for hajj. When the pilgrims search a company in the internet they will find many opinions which makes them confused is the company good or not. We trying to solve this problem in our graduation project by enabling the old pilgrims to rate and feedback their companies. This feature will benefit the pilgrims to choose the right company to go with and gives the company an opportunity to understand and consider other viewpoints of their services and decide if they want to
act on it and develop it or not.
Some of the customer’s opinions about their companies shown in (Fig5-1, Fig5-2, Fig5-3, Fig5-4, Fig5-5).
Fig5-1: customer’s opinion about his company
Fig5-2: customer’s opinion about his company
Fig5-3: customer’s opinion about his company
Fig5-4: customer’s opinion about his company
Fig5-5: customer’s opinion about his company
Fig3: showing the messy homepage of booking.com
Fig 2: showing search options and low availability alert
Fig 1: showing the search interface
2.2 Proposed & Similar Systems Comparison:
ID number Name
431000019 Atheer Alabdulkarim
431000158 Eman Aldabbagh
431000050 Shaden Alsubaiheen
431000929 Dalal Alsahabi
431000898 Nouf Alshwaishi

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