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St Francis Xavier

No description

Paige Robertson

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of St Francis Xavier

St Francis Xavier's Journey around the world
Through out St Francis Xavier's life, he travelled around the world to many different countries while he was on his missionary journeys. Some of the countries he visited were China, Fishery Coast (Southern India), Goa, Japan, Lisbon, Malacca (Malaysia), Mozambique and Pacific Islands.
St Francis Xavier powerpoint
St Francis Xavier College religious education book
St Francis Xavier documentry'
St Francis Xavier info on website

Character Profile

Saint Francis Xavier

April 7th, 1506
December 3rd, 1552
Place of birth:

Xavier Castle, Navarre, Spain

University of Paris
Place of death:

Shangchuan, near the China coast
Countries visited:

Pacific Island, Goa, Southern Island, Lisbon, Malaysia, Japan, Mozambique and China.

St Francis Xavier was the youngest of five children, three boys and two girls. He was born into a Noble family. His father was a lawyer but his parents died when he was 9 so he was brought up by his brothers. He was wealthy, yet ordinary and normal.

A miracle
St Francis Xavier's Journey with Ignatius of Loyola
During the time when Francis Xavier went to the University of Paris, he met a guy named Ignatius of Loyola in 1529 who inspired Francis very much. Meeting Ignatius of Loyola changed and turned St Francis Xavier's life around. Ignatius of Loyola influenced Francis Xavier to become a part of the Society of Jesus as well as become a missionary to spread the word of God and Jesus all around the world.
St Francis Xavier's relic
After St Francis Xavier died, some people cut off his arm, since baptised 20,000 people and he couldn't baptise anymore people. The hand now gets sent around the world for people to look at and admire. The hand was lent to Australia in 2012 for the year of grace. The relic went to the St Francis Xavier College Beaconsfield campus in 2012. There, they held an event that went for 24 hours to celebrate the amazing relic of St Francis Xavier being there.
Miracle of the cross and crab
One of St Francis Xavier's most famous miracles was the cross and the crab. In 1546, he was travelling to Malacca when a storm approached. St Francis Xavier threw his cross into the ocean to ask God to calm the sea and storm that was unsettled and unstable. And indeed, God did. The sea calmed down and the storm came to an end. Yet, his cross was still in the sea, until a crab came towards him with St Francis Xavier's cross in its claws.
Why St Francis Xavier is such an important person?
I think St Francis Xavier is such an important person for many reasons. Well firstly, he was born in a noble family but he was still one of the most ordinary people. He traveled around the world as a missionary to get as many people as possible to believe in God and Jesus and that's what he spent his life doing, and it was a success. He turned thousands of people into christians. He performed many extraordinary miracles. For all these reasons and more, overall he is a terrific saint. And that is why I'm proud to go to a school named after St Francis Xavier.
Ignatius of Loyola
St Francis Xavier's Relic
What people believe the crab was like

One time, when St Francis Xavier was in Sri Lanka doing a missionary, he was with skeptics (a person/people who doubt, disagree, question etc. something) in a room. Since these people doubt what St Francis Xavier was trying to do (spreading the word to these people), he prayed to God to make them more understanding and for them to listen and agree with him. St Francis Xavier then asked two of the men to bring him the man who was buried next to the church the day before. The men did what they were told and came back with the body. St Francis Xavier prayed next to the dead body and asked the dead man to come back alive in God's name. The man turned alive and stood up. The group of people in the room then believed St Francis Xavier and listened to him to become a Christian.
By Paige Robertson
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