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Rachael Peter

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of Earth:)

If Earth is in danger, should we save it? By
Rachael Peter! Night and day is created when the Earth turns. When one side of the earth is towards the sun it is day, but then the other side is facing away so it is night. How night and day is created... The Earth is tilted on an axis, this is how the four seasons are created..
During Summer the northern hemisphere points towards the sun. This allows the northern hemisphere to have higher temperatures. As the Earth orbits the Sun the axis faces the same way, So when it is Autumn and spring it is on a 90 degree angle top the sun.As the Earth continues to orbit the northern axis pole eventually points away from the sun, that gives the southern hemisphere more light and warmer weather. How are the four seasons created? The distance from the Earth and sun has no affect to the seasons! THE BIG BANG!! Around 15 billion years ago a massive explosion started the expansion of the universe. This is known as the Big Bang!! What was there before this event, is completely unknown! The creator of the Big Bang theory is Edwin Hubble. Since the big bang the universe has been expanding and there has been more and more distance between galaxies. Continental drift In 1915, a German geologist and meteorologist Alfred Wegener, first formed the theory of continental drift. He argued that the continents today once formed a single continent, which he named Pangaea. It broke into pieces because of the weaknesses in the earth's crust. How it used to be.. How it is now.. It drifted centimeter by centimeter over millions of years until they arrived at where they are now. Pangaea, means "All-earth". Pangaea started to break up into two smaller continents, called Laurasia and Gondwanaland, The drift of continents take a very long time and is a very slow process. Before continental drift.. After continental drift.. Global warming! The ozone is a layer around the earth. Global warming is caused by the ozone having holes in it Chemicals clump up and burn holes in the ozone layer. Another reason is the oceans are rising because the south pole is melting. The only hole we have is in Australia. The south pole is melting because it is close to the ozone hole which means it melts quicker... A bad chemical called CFC caused the hole in the ozone. The ozone layer was naturally made and it started 150 years ago Ever since then we have tried to bring the amount of CFC down! Fossil fuels! Fossil fuels are dead forest/jungle that has died down over time, and stuff like rocks, sand and water blow over to cover it. This has happened over millions of years! Astronomical/Geological time line Monoculture! It is used by earth scientists, geologists and paleontologists to describe the timing and relationships the have happened during earths history. Monoculture is when a farmer grows the same crop in one area, the pest's then know where to go and there goes all the crops! Food chain.... Sun, Plants, Animals, Humans. Biodiversity Biodiversity is the study of all living things such as the different animals, plants and micro organisms. It means if we leave one species to all die this could break the food web. For example...
If one species died out, another species that ate this one might die out, and then maybe even another species that ate this species would all die! CLIMATE CHANGE! More than 100 years ago, people around the world started burning large amounts of coal, oil, and natural gas to power their homes, factories, and vehicles. Burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere, which is the main reason why the climate is changing. Mars!! MAGNETIC FIELD!! World food crisis It's being called a 'silent' tsunami' - the first food crisis since WW1! is threatening over 100 million people. Including 20 million of the world's poorest children. Rising prices for staples like rice means that fewer people are getting the food that they need pushing more people into poverty Mars's atmosphere is believed to have changed over the course of the planets life time. There is evidence that mars possibly had large oceans a few billion years ago!
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