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Rob Dyrdek

No description

Brian Escobar

on 20 June 2011

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Transcript of Rob Dyrdek

Pro Skateboarder
TV Star
Serial Entrepreneur
Marketing Expert
Philanthropist RoB DyRdeK A.K.A The Voice of the Generation Ohio was born in Gene Patty At age 11: First skateboard Age 16: Professional and co-found Alien Workshop Favorite spot to hangout was the skateshop 3 Seasons Consecutive front-side ollies: 46 (2007, WR)
Ollie big spins: 12 (2007, WR)
Consecutive nollie kickflips: 73 (2007, WR)
360-degree kickflips in one minute: 12 (2007, WR)
Heel flips in one minute: 15 (2007, WR)
Consecutive ollies: 215 (2007)
Nollie kickflips in one minute: 22 (2007, WR)
Longest stationary manual: 49 seconds (2007, WR)
Switch frontside kickflips in one minute: 9 (2007, WR)
Longest 50-50 rail grind: 100 feet 5.75 inches (30.62 m) (2007, WR)[8]
Longest board slide: 100 feet 5.75 inches (30.62 m) (2007, WR)[9]
Highest skateboard ramp jump into water: 10 feet 8 inches (3.29 m) (2007, WR Accomplishes others' fantasies or aspirations, even if they be frivolous By accomplishing others' fantasies or wishes, he accomplishes his own LEGAL SAFE SKATER-APPROVED SKATE PARKS AND AND Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Skate Plaza Safe Spot Skate Spot Kettering, Ohio MUCH work and dedication and was put into it: he wanted to create a park that skaters would love and enjoy skating on He was perfect for creating or designing the skate park since he himself was (and is) a skater and knew what the skaters wanted: Street-like obstacles Rob went to actual skate spots around the country and took photos and the measurments of the dimensions of his favorite stairs, rails, ledges, etc. in order to incorporate them into his park So: The same Hollywood high rail would be in his park Date Open: June 5, 2005
Sq ft.: 27,564
Cost: $700,000
City: $450,000
DC: $200,000
Align: $50,000 He taught himself how to draft a 20/1 scale and designed his own very skate park! The mayor, the skaters, and the community were extremely content and pleased, and so was Rob
The town receives numerous calls asking for the skate plans or blueprints of the park
Enabled a series of skate parks to be created in several locations Effects: Lafayette Skate Park North Hollywood Skate Plaza BUSINESS/Entrepreneur Enterprises: STREET DREAMS Make public or known the hardships or difficulties street skaters faced He: Co-wrote, produced, paid for and starred in Real, authentic, true, that inaccurate, illegitimate, and misleading Hollywood story AND NOT 2 Seasons of R&B True Skaters: P-Rod
Terry Kennedy
Ryan sheckler
Paul Rodriquez Jr. Fame, Money PIE DRAMA IN THE FACE DramA 's Music Studio Adam Sevani Cole Hernandez/ Hit internet dance video Idolized Sister's Boyfriend Neil Blender 24 Days later he won his first competition He symbolizes the people of this generation who are young and filled with fantasies, and dreams, and wishes He wished to be a professional athlete just as countless people in this generation dream of being a pro athlete, rapper, singer, model, etc. Rob being into the sport of skateboarding is representative of this generation Having Fun Rob's involvement in countless businesses and enterprises At new activities, or stepping out of one's comfort zone Expand your horizons
Get out more Rob's endeavor to assist the youth with programs like the Safe Spot Skate Spot reflects this generations myriad institutions, organizations, programs, clubs, assist groups, laws, etc. that are meant to aid the youth. DTA DC Alien Workshop Spy+ Optics Rogue Status Dyrdek Collection Monster Energy Drink Reflex Beaings and Silver Trucks East Wild Grinders Tag Body Spray Street league Skateboarding Bill My Parents
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