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Monocots and Dicots

No description

Melanie Orth

on 17 April 2011

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Transcript of Monocots and Dicots

Monocots and Dicots
Ms. Orth Today we will...
•Differentiate between monocots and dicots
•Draw examples of monocots and dicots
•Explain the differences in both monocots and dicots Monocots
Only one cotyledon or "seed leaf" Dicots
Two cotyledons, endosperm often lacking
Endosperm: The nutritive tissue within seeds of flowering plants, surrounding and absorbed by the embryo
Scattered vascular bundles
Vascular tissue occurs in long strands called bundles which are scattered through the stem Dicots
Ring of vascular bundles Activity
Choose a partner
Create a diagram or concept map that shows the differences between monocots and dicots
Pairs can present their diagrams to the class Show Me What You Know!
•Briefly explain the term monocot.
•List two features of a dicot.
•List two examples of a monocot and two examples of a dicot.

Examples Monocots or Dicots?
Monocot Dicot Neither
Monocot Dicot Monocot Dicot Today we...
Compared monocots and dicots
Differentiated between the two
Drew examples

Monocots Dicots
Linear, Parallel leaf venation: principal arrangement of the veins parallel to the axis of the leaf Monocots
Roots are fibrous Dicots
Flower parts in multiples of four or five Monocots
Flower parts in multiples of three Dicots
Leaves are broad, net venation
Veins branch from the main rib and spread into smaller veins Dicots
Roots develop from the radicle and are tap roots
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