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Open Campus Lunches

No description

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Open Campus Lunches

Open Campus Lunches
There are many pros and cons to having an open campus for lunch

Here are some cons...
Students Can Get Hurt More Easily
Coming Back Late or Not At All
Students may not be able to return to the school on time and some may not even come back
Upperclassmen Only
If open campus was given only to the upper classes, the younger classes may try to rebel and leave anyway, causing more problems.
Schools Would Lose Money
The school would lose funds through the lunch program
Car accidents can happen when students rush back to make it to class on time
Pros Of Open Campus Lunches
Healthier Lunch Choices
Students will be able to make healthier choices for their lunches such as going home to make healthy lunches
Can Get Exercise

Some students may walk to where ever they are going to get lunch to get exercise and stretch out their legs
Get Fresh Air and Stretch Out
Some students feel cramped and trapped in the school when they aren't anle to get fresh air
It Can Be Healthy For Students' Social Skills
It will give students more time to better their social skills.
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