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Anti-Aging Skincare

No description

Laurence Malloch

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Anti-Aging Skincare

Anti-Aging Skincare
Established in Melbourne in 1987
Uses both plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients
Does not test on animals
Not exclusively organic or natural
Products are formulated using high-quality botanical and synthetic ingredients
Established in 1985 in South Australia
Uses potent organic and biodynamic ingredients to create pure and powerful skin care.
Does not test on animals
Considered ethical and environmentally friendly
Established in 2006 by Miranda Kerr
Uses the highest quality certified organic and natural ingredients
Products are cruelty free and never tested on animals
Do not contain animal by-products except for beeswax.
Potential Product
Core Product
The products have anti-aging properties to maintain youthful skin or treat already damaged skin.
Expected Product
Skin is healthy and looks youthful

Augmented Product
Aesop/Jurlique offer free skin consultations
Aesop offers free shipping
Jurlique gives free samples and clients receive free gifts and samples when they purchase more than $35 worth of products.
Kora customers receive emails directly from Miranda Kerr
Brand Awareness

Increased by celebrity endorsement - competitive advantage
Word of mouth on blogs, facebook, magazine reviews etc.
Stock products in more stores/online websites
Become involved in various philanthropic organizations to get their name out in a positive way and also gain respect
Create male targeted products
Products with multifunctional purposes
i.e. an anti-aging oil that has SPF
Brand Loyalty

Become a friend of Kora's
Jurlique has loyatly programs
Brand Image
Slogans differentiate brands from one another
Aesop - "pleasure and purpose"
Jurlique - "nature + science = beauty"
Kora - "Miranda Kerr's secret to flawless skin"
Product Offering
Current Co-Creation Strategy
Active, creative and social process
Customers are involved in the creation and design of products
New dynamic to the producer/customer relationship
Social media discussion boards where customers can follow Aesop and share their views about the products
Aesop team can be contacted through these social media apps
Website also offers a section where consumers give feedback

Social media dicussion boards
Jurlique team can be contacted through these social media apps
Website section where consumers give feedback
Free skin care products and discounts are given when a purchase is made*
Social media discussion boards
Team can be contacted
Consumers give feedback
Customers can receive emails directly from Miranda
Suitable for any skin type
Very large market target as anyone can apply the product
Young to middle aged men and women*
People who care about what they put into their body and also the environment
People exposed to pollution

Suitable for all skin types
Large market
Young to middle age women and men*
People who care about their health and the environment
Targeted to girls and young women*
People who can relate to Miranda (i.e. her fans)

Public face (like Kora)
New Strategy: Celebrity Endorsement
Use celebrity endorsement to create awareness of the brand and encourage potential customers and fans who hadn't previously heard of the brand or who hadn't ever considered the brand to become clients.
Associate the brand with a celebrity:
Consumers have the impression that the products are of higher quality since they are used by their favorite celebrity.
Generates brand awareness
Differentiates the brand from other competitors
New Strategy: Promotion
Provide customers with free samples for any product so they can try out the product before purchasing.
Customers can decide whether or not they like a product before purchasing
Develops strong brand loyalty
Value of product increases as the customer gets more than they paid for
Differentiates the brand from other competitors

Increase advertisements
New Strategy: More Advertising
Product advertisements that will be shown on social media sites, billboards, other stores, online blogs, etc.
Create more advertisements:
Generates brand awareness
Brands can target specific segments of the market by creating specific advertisements aired on certain channels, featured in some magazines, etc.

Better packaging (durability, colors, etc.)
New Strategy: Packaging
Packaging should be more eye-catching (use of colors) but should be more durable too.
Packaging that is eco-friendly, durable and eye-catching:
Products become more visible as they are eye-catching
Durability - everyone is on the go
Better reputation as people will see the brand as eco-friendly and will want to support that
Cost is reduced in terms of packaging
Differentiates the brand from other competitors
New Strategy: Store
Kora should have its own retail store to sell all its products.
Open an official store:
Create brand loyalty with its customers through positive interactions with staff
Can provide customers with skin consultations and free samples in person
Establish positive word of mouth due to positive interactions with employees
Fun environment of stores attract random people who otherwise may never have heard of the brand
All 3 brands should have surveys for customers and potential customers to complete
All 3 brands should focus on demographic segmentation
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