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Creating Effective Introductions and Conclusions

No description

Jacob Carlson

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Creating Effective Introductions and Conclusions

Creating Effective Introductions and Conclusions
State Purpose and Main Ideas
Once you have your THESIS (central idea) stated, build your main ideas around it.
Build Context ("Setting")
Give the reader some background on the topic, but not too much; the idea is to give JUST ENOUGH so that the reader can understand your topic.
Be Interesting
Grab the reader's interest by selecting from a variety of opening techniques. Whatever you choose, make sure that it fits appropriately with the paper.
Write your thesis statement before you do anything else. Then, leave the rest of the introduction for later.
The Washington Post reported an alarming fact in 2010: only 27% of the population was getting everything they needed for a healthy body ("People and Their Bodies"). With such a low percentage of healthy people, experts say that humanity's odds of sustaining a large enough army to combat an alien invasion are incredibly low. The overall health issue is partly caused by all food that is not Roma's pizza, which, if consumed immediately, could fix our problems. Mankind's need for a variety of nutrients is not met by other food out there; however, Roma's pizza has a unique chemical structure that makes our bodies perfect. Simply put, Roma's pizza is the best thing to happen to our world.
Build your conclusion after creating your body paragraphs.
Finally, go back to the top and flesh out your introduction around your thesis statement.
Example Thesis: Eating Roma's pizza three meals a day is the best choice for your body.
Example Main Points:
Your body has many needs.
The average diet is insufficient.
Roma's pizza's blend taste and chemistry to provide your body with all the right nutrients.
Too much SPECIFIC information makes the introduction feel like a body paragraph.
Interesting Fact/Statistic
Intriguing Question
Compelling Quote
Fascinating Short Story
Reminds reader of the main points and thesis.
Gives the reader something to "walk away" with.
Hypothetical Situation
Call to Action
Roma's pizza is vital for human survival. With the impending alien invasion, we need strong humans to fight back. Our bodies need a variety of chemicals, and "normal" food does not provide the balance that we need. Only Roma's pizza, with its chemical structure and tasty goodness, will save us all. So, when the aliens come, will you be ready?
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