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Organizational Learning

No description

Ahmed Assad

on 29 March 2017

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Transcript of Organizational Learning

The 4i framework
Organizational Learning
The meaning of organizational learning


The power of attaining knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference

it is an individual learning process and occurs sub consciously.

Mediums such as past experiences,images and metaphors.

Intuition relates to tacit knowledge.


Entrepreneurial intuition
Expert intuition

The nature of the domain is essential to understand the interpretive process.

Individuals think about their intuitions and share them with others.

Interpreting is the movement beyond the individual and become embedded within the group.

Making tacit knowledge explicit

The explaining through words and/or actions, of an insight or idea to one’s self and to others.

From the pre-verbal to the verbal

Results in the development of language

Meanings and common languages are formed based on the surrounding domain.

(Nonaka & Takeuchi. 1995)

Actual Practice through storytelling

Shared Experiences

Knowledge Transfer and Relationships Between Tacit and Explicit Knowledge



Group Level

Shared Understandings

Mutual Adjustment

Interactive systems


Institutionalized learning cannot capture all the constant learning at the individual and group levels

Changes in the system will be difficult.

Changes will occurs as a result from the learning processes of intuiting and interpreting

A tension is created in organizational learning when it adapts a new learning (feed forward) and when it using what has already been learned (feedback).

Organizational Learning As a Dynamic Process

Organization learning is set apart from the individual or group learning

Learning occurs at the organization level

What individuals learn will be embedded into the organization

Relationship and actions are achieved in these organizations through formal systems

The process of institutionalizing embeds what worked well in the past


The Role of Language

Dialogue: Some of the most powerful forms of coordination may come through participation in unfolding meaning

Example: Communities of Practice.

When the environment changes, what has been institutionalized might no longer fit the context
Activity: Working with intuition

Get a piece of paper and a pen

Close your eyes and clear your mind, and to think of one word or symbol you feel best describes the organization you would love to work with or build. Visualize how successful organizations will be like in the future.

Write that word or draw the symbol on a piece of paper
Activity: Interpretation
Explain the symbol or word you wrote on the paper the other member of your group.
Activity: Integration
Discuss your idea in your group. By the end you should come up with one coherent idea
Activity: Institutionalization
Imagine you are 10 years after you developed your idea. Now answer these questions:-
What is your vision and mission statement?
How large is the organization?
What rules and culture that are embedded in the organization

Change the group. Everyone, with the exception of the leader (Stay where you are), should now be in a different group. Try to be with members you have not worked with before

How this will influence what have been embedded in the organization? Will the new members bring new ideas that are different?
Will the organization change due to the new ideas brought by the new individuals?

Attaining direct knowledge without evident rational thought

it is an Individual learning process and occurs sub consciously
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