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IELTS Writing Task 1 - a process

No description

Ruth Winnett

on 11 March 2017

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Transcript of IELTS Writing Task 1 - a process

How to describe a process
What are the instruction words?
What verbs should you use for this task?
make, print, collect, (de)ink, clean, recycle, etc. - use the diagram to help you choose the appropriate verbs
What sequence words can you use?
firstly, second, after that, before that, the next step in the process, etc.
How can you organise or structure your text?
how many paragraphs, where should you start?
The stimulus/the task
The overview
Ask yourself:-
what, where, when, how many/much/often, why, how
If you can answer these questions (not all of them, will do well)

The first paragraph - from plantation to printing
First, the pine tree timber is taken from the plantation and made into thinnings. The bark is removed from the thin pieces in a drum. After the debarking has happened, the timber is made into even smaller pieces using a chipper. Then, the wood chips are made smaller again in a thermomechanical refiner, which makes the product ready to be rolled into paper and printed on.
The second paragraph
Using the newspaper as an example, the recycling process is described. After being read, the newspapers are put out on the kerbside to be collected. Next they are churned and de-inked. Following on from the de-inking, further cleaning takes place. The pulp is also put through a fine screen to remove more impurities. The final step before being ready to print on again is putting the pulp mix through another thermomechanical process. Then the recycled pulp can be rolled into paper and used for newspapers again.
The main body
Other hints
use appropriate sequence words and other linkers
use passive voice much more than other texts
IELTS Task 1 Writing - Process
You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.
The diagram explains the process of paper recycling.
Summarise the information for a university lecturer, explaining the significant features and processes.
Write at least 150 words.
This diagram clearly illustrates the process of paper recycling from the plantation to printing, and then back to the printing stage via the various stages of recycling.
Divide this text into two paragraphs
1. plantation to the first print
2. the recycling process
Use a variety of sequence words.
Look at all the passive voice!
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We're here to help!
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