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The Physics of Forensics

Blood Spatter Analysis

Olivia Hester

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of The Physics of Forensics

The Physics of Forensics by Olivia Hester Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Using various physics concepts, a blood spatter analyst can determine many important factors that will help reconstruct a crime scene. Time of Incident Types of Injuries (Cause of Death) Was the attacker left or right handed? Type and Velocity of Weapon Bloody Fun Facts After about 1.5 L of blood are lost, the person will fall unconscious. After 40% of total blood lost, death is likely. -forensicnusrsing.org The Effects of Velocity and Distance Types of Bloodstains Passive Bloodstain: the force of gravity causes blood from an object or wound to fall VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED Warning: The following presentation contains realistic and not-so-realistic images of blood. Important Figures Dr. Eduard Piotrowski Properties of Blood blood is 1.8 times more viscous than water at 37 degrees Celsius -unc.edu blood is a tissue when inside your body but after exiting, it acts as a liquid this means the laws of physics apply to it surface tension keeps blood in a sphere when in midair and causes it to "bounce back" into itself first to experiment with bloodstains
published Concerning Origin, Shape, Direction, and Distribution of The Bloodstains Following Head Wounds Caused By Blows in 1895 -Forensics4Fiction Projected Bloodstain: a force greater than that of gravity acts upon the blood (ex. arterial spurts or external movement) -The Physics of Blood Spatter Transfer/Contact Bloodstain: object with blood on it touches another object -forensicnursing.org and The Physics of Blood Spatter Stringing -How BPA Works and Forensic Nursing Christopher Varney & Fred Gittes Works Cited physicists from Washington
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