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eTest.net: a tool for better hiring decisions

No description

Hodge Golson

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of eTest.net: a tool for better hiring decisions

But he looked like such a hot-shot in the interview...
But he said he could play well with others...
We figured she was smart, but we didn't know she'd turn out to be, you know, an ALIEN.
Selection horror stories. We all have them. But now, it's even more costly to make bad selection and promotion decisions, and more difficult to make good ones.
In the ideal world, you would start with well-defined behavioral dimensions and competencies for job success.
But in the world where most of us live, we have to make do with imperfect information and widely varying skills of the interviewers.
Here's a tool that will help.
Established by the licensed psychologists of Management Psychology Group in 1996, eTest was one of the first internet-based testing services.
But there are valid, fair and proven ways to avoid most of them.
The eTest online battery is a proven, cost-effective, valid and defensible method of gathering the crucial information you need to make good hiring and promotion decisions.
It is the result of years of research and development by licensed psychologists who have dedicated their professional careers to helping companies and individuals make good employment and career decisions.
This tool has been honed and fine-tuned for over twenty years, and has been validated according to all professional and legal standards. It has been used in a wide range of business organizations and job categories.
The eTest battery was developed by testing and interviewing over 14,000 business people over a ten year period.
The eTest report presents scores on the well-researched and validated Five Factor Model of personality and a variety of empirically derived performance predictions.
In addition to the score profiles, the results include a narrative description of the person and a hiring manager's interview guide that can aid in the interpretation of the scores and in the decision making.
A developmental guide for feedback to the individual, a sales profile for the selection and development of sales people and a leadership development report are available as optional additional reports.
And some clients prefer to customize the reports for use with their own unique jobs and corporate cultures. This local validation makes the results even more useful.
There are no hidden fees or opt-out subscriptions. You only pay for the tests you use. Period. Volume discounts are available.
To get started, call 800-700-1313. Or email info@etest.net. We're easy to do business with.
It has recently been re-normed on almost 10,000 people in a wide variety of occupations and job categories, and it is representative of the US population in terms of gender, ethnicity and age.
Over 140,000 people have taken the eTest personality inventory.
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