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'CANDIDA' by George Bernard Shaw

No description

Vanya Rachel

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of 'CANDIDA' by George Bernard Shaw

'CANDIDA' by George Bernard Shaw
Christian Socialism
The Fabian Society
"The Woman Question"
Working conditions
Christian Socialism
An attempt to synthesize christian ideals and societal effects of capitalism
The Bible has been wrongly accused
Chartism, Fourierism and Single Tax theory
Conflict between Morell and Burgess.
Candida on Morell's work
Fabian Society
Founded in 1884. Core Members- Beatrice and Sidney Webb
George Bernard Shaw's involvement- 'Fabian Essays in Socialism', 'The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Socialism & Capitalism'
The Woman Question
The questions raised during the time
Stephan Leacock - "The Woman Question"
Shaw as the quintessential male feminist.
Working Conditions
The migration from rural to urban spaces
Effects on the working class
The rise of trade unions, worker's guild, political parties
Shaw's influences
'Love's Comedy', 'Lady From the Sea', 'A Doll's House'
Romanticism versus Socialism
The significance of the painting- 'The Assumption of Mary'
The question of class
Eugene Marchbanks
Burgess and his treatment of Eugene and Prossy
George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)
1856- Born in Dublin
1876- Moved to London
1891- Writing plays
1898- Theater Critic
1904- Candida was produced in London's Court Theater
1914- Effect of WWI
1925- Nobel Prize for literature
1950- Death

Other Characters:-
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