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Asher Network

Baltimore MD Real Estate Services - Restoration, Renovation, Inspection & Marketing

Asher Network

on 23 February 2013

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Transcript of Asher Network

MERIT AND COURTESY EXPECT THE ESSENTIALS WITH Asher Network is a Baltimore based multi-disciplinary entity comprised of . . . Asher Construction &
Real Estate Services, LLC. What we do We serve both homeowner and real estate agent by providing solutions towards the:

Renovation of a home, and
Preparation for sale. How this is accomplished Range of services that fit into three categories . . . Floor Plans Rental Safety Inspection AHIT Certified Photography Print Material Okay, so you offer all these services, why use you? Professionals Value Added Service,
Save you time Our Credo You only have to make one phone call Diverse collection of skills From Plumbing and Painting to Design and Custom Millwork Standard Interactive Who we are Black & White AHIT Certified Pre-listing Pre-Sale Rental Safety Inspection STANDARD INTERACTIVE NETWORK of professionals Maintenance of
a home, and its preparation
for sale Asher Real Estate Inspections, LLC. Postcard Flyer One page brochure Half page advertisement Asher Service Professionals We offer what is needed Employ local artisans and vendors Deliver quality craftsmenship Professional
Practice Integrity Work Ethic Similar Ideologies Reliability Renovation Property
Inspection Documentation
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