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Daily Life Of Salem

No description

joselyn figueroa

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Daily Life Of Salem

Group 1 Georgia Ruff
Sarah Pascuma
Keanna Wright
Joselyn Figueroa Clothing worn by man and woman. What types of fabric was used? Explain what a palisade and why it was necessary. The Types of homes that probably existed in Salem Family life of puritans How did their food and eating habits support their religious views. Daily Puritans Meals THE END! Puritans wore tall, large brim hats that were usually decorated with a belt and buckle. Cavalier hats on the other hand decorated with a large feather and either side of the front or back was tilted upward. falling bands and falling ruffs are collars worn in the Elizabethan period. They were usually made of white lace. They extended out to their shoulders. Wore by both men and women. The Bertha collar was only worn my woman and also worn with white lace. A peplum which is a ripped piece of material was worn just under the shirt and above the shirt. Boot hose were made of linen with lace tops. Worn only by men and with boots. Lastly the most popular shoes are _____ and high heels. worn by men and woman. The way puritans and cavaliers dress really reflects on their religious views. They always dressed their best. This showed that they were respectful of their own religion. This brought to the attention of others that they cared enough for the religion to take time and look presentable. How does clothing effect their religious views Houses in Salem were mostly made of wood. Men built the houses with wood because they had a lot of it available and it was easy to use. A palisade is a wooden wall or fence made of tree trunks. They were used of fence structures and boarders of territories. Children of 1692 were very well behaved and disobedience was severely punished. They were not to show any emotion for this was frowned a pond. Children did not play with toys because they were scared and adults believe they were just a sinful distraction. However boys found fun in activities such as carpentry or crafts. While girls were expected to do chores such as cooking and cleaning. The parents were to make sure that the children behaved and did chores. The parents also helped with the chores. Puritans ate fresh home cooked meals that included many plants such as corn, peas, squash and pumpkins. They rose animals such as chickens, sheep, cows and pigs. Their food and eating habits supported their religious views because they would fast. Puritans hunted and farmed for their food just as god intended. God put the animals here for their survival and they used the animals mainly to eat.
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