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Copy of Spanish Class Expectations for Behavior and Learning Goals

No description

Lourdes Ramirez

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Spanish Class Expectations for Behavior and Learning Goals

Grading Policy
How to Behave and Be Successful in
Ms. Ramirez's Spanish class

What to Know
Class Community
Our Goals
Expected Behavior
Grading Policy
Required Materials

Class Community
Know, value and treat classmates with respect.

Know and value yourself, your worth and your unique and significant contribution to our class community.

Treat yourself and your class community with the utmost respect and care.
What will we learn?
Unit 1: It's Nice to Meet You
Grade Overview
Behavior Expectations
Follow all TAS rules for behavior
Required Materials
* 3x5 blank white notecards (lots of these)
* 2" inch binder for class
* Loose leaf paper
* Section Dividers
* Spanish/English Dictionary
* Pens, pencils and highlighters
*Colored pencils, scissors and glue sticks (we will use them a lot as I love to incorporate art when possible)
Spanish 1a
Unit 3: What do you like to do?
Unit 4: My School Life
Unit 5: Culture of Spanish Speaking communities
Unit 2: Who am I?
Be Polite to classmates and faculty
Do your own work and try to make the best out of every situation
Clean up after yourself
25 % Weekly Quizes, tests and projects

40 % In Class Assignments & Participation

5% Homework

30% Midterm and Final Exam

Paper Exams
- Quizzes (announced or unannounced)
- Unit Tests
Informal conversations, and Presentations

Daily Homework Assignments
Quarter Project
-Presentation on one
-Spanish speaking country

-Warm-Up activities
-Whole Group activities and participation
-Small group work
-Individual Assignments

School Rules
All school rules will be followed and enforced
Cell Phone Usage
Dress Code
1. Warning
2. Written explanation
of misbehavior as exit card
3. Student - Teacher Conference
4. Phone Call Home
5. Parent - Teacher Conference
6. Dean's Office
1. Participation Points in gradebook
2. Homework Extension
3. Homework Do-Over Form
4. Given 1 Test Question Early
Retake Policy
May Retake any Exam Given:
Reviewed old test after school
Next Unit Test not Given
Before last week of Quarter
Any Questions?
Class Participation
Late Work Policy
Only excused absences merit make-up opportunity.
One additional school day allowed for full credit
You are responsible for coming in the morning or checking after school immediately upon returning
Throw away negative attitudes and bad experiences
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