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Simple Machines

The Seven Simple Machines

Angel Vong

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Simple Machines

Simple Machines make work easier for us Simple Machines Ever wonder what Inclined Planes do?Well I'm going to tell you! Inclined Planes A wedge is a simple machines.A simple machines contain a few parts and run on human strength. What is a Wedge? A screw have a blunt end and the other end is sharp. What is a Screw? A wheel and axle have a rod sticking out of the wheel and is attach to the other wheel. What is a Wheel and Axle? Did you know that a gear look like a wheel with teeth. The Amazing Gears! a pulleys is a Grooved wheel with A rope or Belt Wrap around it. The Amazing Pulleys The Lever can move,lift,cut,split and lower stuff The Lever All Simple Machines contain a few parts All Simple Machines work without Fuel.It work by human strength Inclined Planes help us move stuff higher or lower for example :If your moving a big box and you have to put it somewhere.If you use an Inclined planes it won't be harder carrying it above you head. A shallow Inclined Planes take more time but less energy and an Steep Inclined planes take less time but more energy. Here are some example of an Inclined Planes:Stairs,slide,mountain road,Water Slide and roller coaster track A wedge can:cut,hold and tighten. Like for example:axes can cut stuff,Door holder can hold door and a screwdriver can tighten stuff. You can find wedge is our everyday life. These are some of the stuff you can find in our every day life:forks,knife,screwdriver,paper,
cookie cutter and pencil This is what a wedge look like. There an pointed end which it is use for cutting,holding and tightening and the other end is just a flat surface A screw can grips(hold) stuff. it also squeezes(presses) and Lift and lower stuff. A screw wouldn't work without human power Like if you had a screwdriver and if you need to screw something it wouldn't work by it self you had to screw it in You can find screw everywhere in the world Like for examples: bike,chair and bottle caps. The wheel and axle help make stuff easier to move Like for example:If you were going to school and you lived far away.you need a car or something and a car have wheel.so without the wheel and axle you have walk a very long way Believe it or not you see wheel and axle everywhere like for example:skateboard,car tire,bike and scooter Wheel and axle have been around for many,many years. If someone couldn't carry something.they would put it on a wagon and a horse would pull it. Now that all about the wheel and axle.What else do you know about the wheel and Axle? A gear can move thing,change direction and change speed. Like for example:A car have gear and if you need to go faster the gear start to make the car move faster. You can find gears everywhere in the world! Like for example:Bike,Car,Clock,Whisk,Boat engine and Fishing Rod. Wanna know what the 1st and 2 gears are call? The 1st gear is call the driving gear and the 2nd gear is call the driven gears. And that how Amazing the gears are.And where else you can find gears in the world? You can find Pulleys Everywhere! Like for Example:Flag Pole,Well,yo yo,Elevator, window blind and clothes line. Pulley Have Been around for many years. Like for example:They was use For flag pole,well,fishing rod and lifting and lowering thing. Pulley can move many things. It also can lower and lift things. That what make the pulley amazing. you can find lever everywhere in the world. Like for example:seesaw,stapler,wheelbarrow and nutcracker. Did you know that there are first class lever and second class lever and third class lever? crow bar is a first class lever,a wagon is a second class lever and a fishing rod is a third class lever. And that all about the lever!
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