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Brianna Kuchurean

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of geo

ROME, ITALY? PASTAZA, ECUADOR? If you were to take a trip anywhere in the world... Where would you go? VLADIVOSTOK,
US ON THIS... On this tour you'll see so
many gorgeous sights that might include.. THE CN TOWER, TORONTO THE ICE SCULPTURES AT THE BONHOMME CARNIVAL, QUEBEC NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO Niagara Falls is one of Canada's major tourist attractions. It is a wondrous natural attraction that many people from around the world come to see. Around it you can find shops, hotels, theaters, and lots of entertainment!

But not only is Niagara Falls known for its entertainment, its as well known for its natural resources. The flow of the running water produces hydroelectricity that is used to power Ontario. Banff National Park, Alberta Calgary Stampede, Alberta Potash Mines, Saskatchewan The Bay Of Fundy,
New Brunswick Just For Laughs Potatoes!, PEI Day 1: @ 10:30am. Meet up at Toronto Pearson airport. We will be getting on a 12pm(EST) flight to Vancouver, BC and arriving in Vancouver at approximately 1pm(PST) @ 1:00pm. Approx arrival time at Vancouver
International airport. At 3:30 we'll be meeting
at a local restaurant for a late lunch. Later that night we will be going to a Vancouver Canucks game!

Hockey is Canada's national sport. All around Canada you can find various teams ranging in age, skill, and lifestyle. To some, hockey is part of their "canadian" culture; it has been passed down through generations as a family sport and some believe it's one of Canada's greatest available activities.

At this game you will experience what many people love to watch and play themselves and enjoy just a great game with some of Canada's great teams. Day 2: @ 10:00am. We will be boarding onto one of Canada's most scenic train rides. This 12 hour ride will include beautiful sights... mountains, rivers, valleys, and the chance to relax and enjoy some time with family and friends while experiencing an unforgettable ride! We will be arriving at about 10pm, so right into Banff you can go straight to the hotel to sleep, yayy! And our ride ends at... Banff is definitely one of Canada's best physical attractions. It shows off Canada's many landscapes, amazing wildlife, and hundreds of places to adventure and explore. When visiting Banff you will see alot of Canada's natural diversity with the different types of animals, plants, and land types. When we visit Banff we will be participating
in many different activities such as horseback
riding, nature hikes, kayaking, mountain
climbing, birdwatching, and just enjoying the
many views. We will get time to explore the
outdoors and wonder into the wilderness as if
we never had another worry. You could even
come back in the winter to enjoy some skiing,
walking on the glaciers, and winter mountain
climbing! You want to see some western hospitality? Well this is the perfect place to come and experience it while having the time of your life. We will be a part of the many hundreds of thousands of people coming to enjoy this annual event.. This may just seem like a horse race to some, but to others this is tradition. We will get the chance to experience a little bit of everything. They will be showcasing amazing local grown foods, entertainment, and just fun and games! Here at the stampede we will be joining in with the fun! We will be watching some of the races and you could even put in a bet if you're feeling lucky! You will have the day just to hang loose while participating in some of Canada's culture and one of our amazing annual events! So get your cowboy boots and hats on and be ready to spend the day with your new western family! Day 3:

11:00am. We will be meeting up at the hotel and heading straight to Banff National Park. 12:00pm. Get ready to be geared up as we go on a hike through the mountains! We will be stopping to see some amazing sights as well as have a picnic lunch up on the top of the mountains. 7:00pm. We will be getting a brief lesson on horse back riding. After the lesson we will go on a beautiful guided sunset ride around the mountains. Following that will be dinner! Day 4:

11:00am. After breakfast we will be returning to the park for the day. Once we get there we will be going to meet up with a bird watching expert who will lead us to finding some birds of our own. 2:00pm. For the rest of the day you will get the chance to wander around the park and do whatever you would like. You could do some more climbing or even just sit at the park to relax and enjoy the view. Day 5:

9:00am. We will be leaving for the Calgary Stampede which is about an hour drive. We will be stopping along the way for a chance to walk around and take some pictures. You may even be able to meet a new wild friend! 11:00am. We will be arriving at the main venue for the Calgary stampede about now. For today we will just be having some time to adventure. You can walk around the venue and play some games or even check out the horses for betting! Day 6:

Off to the races! Today's the day to play hard and win big at the stampede. Place all the bets you want and see who comes out a winner! Day 7:

After a crazy night at the races we'll be heading off to one of Canada's most abundant natural resource suppliers. We will be stopping for some shopping and food on the way so don't you worry! Day 8:

10:00am. Today we will be joining a guided tour around one of Canada's largest potash mines. We will be viewing things like how it is dug up, the process of sorting it, and how it is made into what we know and love... fertilizer! 5:00pm. After our tour we will be gathering up for a lovely dinner at a local family owned restaurant and we get to taste some of the food grown in our very own fertilized soil. Day 9:

11:00am. To start the day we will be walking down a little strip where you can buy some souvenirs and take some pictures. 2:00pm. This is about when lunch will be finishing. We will be gathering up our stuff then heading to the airport. 2:30pm. We will be leaving for Regina airport. Here we will catch a 4pm(PST) flight to Toronto. The flight is approximately 3hrs 55mins. Day 10:

12:00pm. We can adventure down Lundy's Lane. Our first stop will be Ripley's Believe It Or Not! 10:00pm(EST). We will be arriving in Toronto. Straight from the airport we will be leaving for Niagara Falls where we will stay for the night! 3:00pm. We are going for a trip under the falls! The Maid Of The Mist will be waiting for us! 5:00pm. Reservations at the Rainforest Cafe will be a great treat and after we eat we can go on a walk down by the Falls. Day 11:

10:00pm. We will be driving from Niagara Falls to Montreal. This will be about a 7 hour drive so we will be arriving in Montreal at about 5pm. 5:30pm. We will go straight to the streets where we will go out before sleep time. Tomorrow we will be attending one of Canada's funniest and most attended festivals of all! Day 12:

9:00am. Wake up call! We will be heading over to Montreal's Just For Laughs festival for the day! Have you ever heard of Jeff Dunham, Larry The Cable Guy, Jerry Seinfeld, or maybe even Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean)? Well, these are some of the many Canadian famous comedians that have come from the Just For Laughs festival! This festival takes place year round and is one of the funniest events you will ever attend. Its filled with so many people that just love to laugh and enjoy themselves! Just For Laughs brings people from all around Canada together and helps comedians make it to the big time! When you're there you can go to enjoy yourself while watching some of the great shows that these Canadian comedians love putting on. Just For Laughs is so big that you can watch live shows on TV and even listen to it on the radio! 10:00am. Today we will be spending the day watching many of the shows at the festival. We will get the chance to watch Jeff Dunham, Jeremy Hotz and others! Day 13:

9:30am. A nice breakfast at a local cafe before leaving for a bus ride to Alma, New brunswick. 12:00pm. We will be leaving for a 9 hour bus ride to visit the Bay of Fundy! Day 14:

11:30am. Our visit to the Bay of Fundy will start with some early morning kayaking! With some trained guiders we will be taking it to the water where we can enjoy the view of the rocks from out in the water! THE BAY OF FUNDY IS ONE OF CANADA'S MOST VISITED PLACES! IT IS A PLACE WHERE YOU CAN GO TO WATCH THE TIDES AND RELAX. ONE OF THE THINGS THE BAY IS KNOWN FOR IS THE AMAZING TIDES. THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE LOW AND HIGH ONES COULD BE AS LARGE AT 17 METRES. ALONG WITH RELAXING YOU CAN ENJOY THE WILDLIFE (AS IT IS A MAIN SPOT FOR THE BIRDS TO STOP), KAYAKING, SWIMMING AND BOATING IS ALWAYS A BLAST! 3:00pm. Swimming and scuba diving time! 6:00pm. The chance to go to a local campground where we will be staying the night and eat a campfire dinner! Day 15:

12:00pm. A two hour drive up to PEI is in front of us. Before we cross the Confederation Bridge we will be stopping for lunch and time to walk around. 3:30pm. Arriving to PEI! THE TIDES AT THE BAY OF FUNDY CAN BE TOLD TO BE A NATURAL PHENOMENON. EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS WITH THE TIDES ARE TOTALLY NATURAL.. THE FACT THAT THEY CAN GO FROM 1 TO 10 METRES IN MINUTES! AND THIS IS ONLY ONE OF THE THINGS THAT MAKES THESE TIDES THAT MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL AND MAGICAL! PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND IS KNOWN FOR TWO MAIN THINGS... ITS RED SOIL AND ITS DELICIOUS HOME GROWN POTATOES. THE RED SOIL IS FULL OF NUTRIENTS AND IS GREAT FOR AGRICULTURE. THEIR POTATOES ARE SENT OUT EVERYWHERE AND SUPPLY LOTS OF CANADIAN RESTAURANTS AND HOMES! THESE POTATOES DEFINITELY MAKE UP A LARGE PART OF PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND'S ECONOMY AND ARE AS WELL PART OF CANADA'S. THERE ARE MANY POTATO FARMS IN PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND THAT SUPPLY MANY DIFFERENT COUNTRIES, PROVINCES, RESTAURANTS, AND STORES. YOU CAN SEE THEM ALL OVER THE ISLAND AND NOT ONLY ARE THEY JOBS FOR SOME... BUT TRADITION. 4:00pm. Heading over to the beach! For the rest of the day we will be enjoying the red sand, swimming, and hanging out in the sun. 7:00pm. We will be going out for a seafood dinner on the harbor. 9:00am. Today we will be going on a tour of one of the nearby family farms. Here we will be taking a look at the farms, the life of a farmer and will be joining them for one of their favourite family meals! 4:00pm. Boarding the ferry for a 2 and a half hour ferry ride to Cape Breton! 6:00pm. Arriving in North Sydney. We still have a two hour drive to the Cabot Trail! We will be stopping for dinner then going straight to the hotel. The Cabot Trail The Cabot Trail loops around the northern tip of Cape Breton. The scenery on and from the trail is gorgeous! You get to travel through many different cities, adventure in the nature and be amongst the plants and animals. The Cabot Trail is a world class hiking trip and provides so many things to do! You can have a picnic, go for a bike ride, play golf or even stop by the water with your binoculars to catch some of the whales and seals swimming around!

The Cabot Trail is significant to the locals because it attracts many tourists (Canadians and Americans alike) during the summer months, and in an area with little or no industry, is a source for money. But before tourism, Cape Breton (and Nova Scotia as well) reminded immigrants of the the home they left, Scotland. The area is also the final resting place of Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. 10:00am. Starting our hike on the trail! We will be talking about the different birds, animals, and landscapes as well. 12:30pm. We will be stopping for a picnic lunch. Yumm! 2:00pm. We will be stopping for some whale and seal watching. We get to relax in nature and experience some amazing sights. 5:00pm. We'll go for dinner on the harbor, we can indulge in the freshly caught lobster! 7:30pm. We will complete our last day of the tour on a night walk down the harbor and through the trail! CALL US NOW AT...
2012/13 WE HOPE WE WILL SEE YOU SOON AND YOU WILL JOIN US ON THIS AMAZING TRIP!! Potash is a common name used for mined and manufactured salts. Potash is mined from the ground and is used to produce fertilizer. Saskatchewan is the largest producer in the world! It is very easy to get to in the Saskatchewan mines so it has a very low production cost.

Saskatchewan has about 50% of the worlds known reserves, and at the current supply rate could meet the world's needs for several hundred years. In 2011, potash sales were approximately $6.7 billion and is a big part of Canada's economy.
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