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My Polyvore Profile; http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=1558952 Credit to; http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=288968

Maddie R

on 17 July 2010

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Transcript of DEAR POLYVORE

DEAR POLYVORE... This is what I have to say A Prezi by; Madeleine I joined Polyvore for another website. I thought that it would make Roleplaying on the other website easier, as I would just make sets for the roleplay. After a while, I quit that website, but continued using Polyvore. I got addicted. I made sets everyday, even if they weren't all that great. I wasn't popular. I'm not popular now, either. I didn't care, though. I savoured each set favourite. I never payed attention to the 'populars' I guess I didn't even know who they were. All I cared about was making a set I liked.
I expressed myself on Polyvore. It made me feel special that people looked at my sets, & faved them. Now, I feel ignored when I get 10 faves on a set. More faves would be really nice. But I don't really need them. I mean, are 10, 000 set faves going to help you in life? NO. I feel that the Polyvore community is becoming greedy. Myself included. Why do we want faves? WeWantToBeKnown. We want to be like the populars. & When we think we're close to that, it slips away. WHAT CAN WE DO TO CHANGE THIS? be the change. There's nothing wrong with that. But now, All I see are texts sets saying; HATER POSER COPIER Polyvore wasn't made for this.
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