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The Wife of Bath's Tale

No description

Ashlee Strickland

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of The Wife of Bath's Tale

The Wife of Bath's Tale By: Ashlee, Beatriz, and Brittany He asked everyone in every town "What do women desire most?" The End The knight was very angry and told her she would always be old and ugly Or she could be beautiful but always cheat on him And they lived happily ever after But he had no choice he had to marry the old woman. But then the old woman came forward and said she gave him that answer in exchange for whatever she wanted.. Another said "Money!" She gave him a year and a day to find the answer, and if he found the answer his life would be spared... He ran up to her and immediately tried to rape her... This eventually got back to the queen and she was not happy.. One man said "Her place in society!" As he approached, the group of girls slowly disappeared and stood only one old ugly woman Lastly, He came across a group of dancing girls and figured they would have the answer.. So the old woman, rode with him back to see the Queen. The Knight went before everyone and told them that women desire sovereignty of their husband and lover. It was the right answer. The Knight protested "Should someone of my right be brought so low!" After their private ceremony he spent the day hidden away. The old woman asked him why he was angry, and told him that she did nothing wrong. She saved his life. So the old woman gave him a choice they could live to be old, ugly, and happy... The old woman chose to turn into be a beautiful because the knight finally learned that women want sovereignty There was a knight who was walking down an empty street. He spotted a lonely virgin sitting on the ground... At first she wanted to kill him but instead she asked him what women desired the most... "Fancy Clothes!" "A strong man" She asked him what he wanted. So he asked her "what do women desire most?" He promised to give her money and anything she wanted for the answer She told him she wanted him to take her as his wife The Knight gave her the upper hand and let her decide...
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