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Reproduction and Development

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arin page

on 9 November 2011

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Transcript of Reproduction and Development

Reproduction and Development

Sperm begins to produce during puberty and through the rest of the adult-hood. A normal male produce several hundreds
million sperm cells each day. But when sperm is first formed it is unable to fertilize eggs.Epididymis is a long coiled tube attached to the top of each trstis. In these tubes the sperm maturse and are stored for up to two weeks. The sperm moves from the epididymis to a long tube called, the vas deferns. The vas deferns takes the sperm to the urethra. Where the sperm takes its exit.

The Male Reproductive
Are the hundreds of compartments packed with tightly coiled tubes.
The male System has two testicels that produces sperm, and the primary male
sex hormone,testosteron. High temperatures are needed to make sperm. Stucture of Mature Sperm A mature sperm will have have head, midpiece and tail. Enzymes make
of the tip of the sperm which helps the sperm penetarete the egg to
fertilize Sperm Productin Seminiferous Tubules Sperm's Path through the body Semen Semen is fluids from the seminal vesicles, the prostate glands, the bulbourethral glands , and sperm. This is the mixture that will get through the female reproductive system.
Sperm Delivery During the sexual intercourse the penis becomes erect, inables an ajaculation. Meaning that the semen is able to exit the body to the
female, to fetalize the eggs. When the sperm is in the female reproductive system, it will swim until it finds a egg cell or until they die. The Female Reproductive system Egg production A female has two ovaries which are in the abdomen.Thet
ovaries make the egg cells.In beginning a newborn
baby will have two million immature egg cells. The egg
have 23 chromosones because just like sperm it changes.
this process begins when the new born female is born but
is delayed still puberty. When puberty begins for a girl
the hormones rises that enables a female to be impregnated. The Vagina and Utherus Preparation For Pregnancy The Egg Path The Ovarian Cycle Follicullar Phase Ovulation Luteal Phase Menstrutual Cycle Menstruation The vagina is the inside of the vulva. Also the vulva has to
folds of skin which creats the labia that protects the vigina.
The vulva also includes the ciltorus which is abundle nerves
bettween th labia. The is a musscular tubt hat goes to vulva
all the way to the uterus. A during intercourse, sperm
deposites it self in the vagina. If fertilization happens,
the zygote developes into into a baby inside the uterus.
During childbirth the baby will pass through the cervix and
and leave the body through the vagina. The Female only has one viable egg each month. In contrast to males who are able to produce
millions of gametes each day.Although a female is born with 2 million eggs in her ovaries,
300-400 of those eggs mature in her life. when an egg mature it is called a ovum. Ovum are a
lot bigger than sperm and ovum can be seen with the naked eye. The fallopian tube are passage
ways that the ovum will move through, from the ovary to the uterus. The ovum's travel from 3-4
days and if there is sperm present in the fallo pian tube the egg might be fertillzed. When the organ are structured to prepare a fertilized egg for development into a baby. This process is called pregnancy. Throughout a females life, her body goes through a hormonal cycle that causes preiodic changes. These changes prepare the body the body for the the fertilion of eggs. Two set of hormones control the female cycle thy are called follicle-stimulating {FSH} and luteinizing {LH}. Which both come from the pituitary glands and ovaries. Estrogen and progesterone which comes from the ovaries. All these hormones tell the body to get ready for fertilization and plays in role in preparing the body for pregnancy.If the starts to fertilize some of those hormons continue to
release, stopping the body from being able to fertize
another egg.
The ovaries prepare and release an ovum in aseries of events
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