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I Am

No description

Manasvi Vora

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of I Am

My parents are both from India, and are the first ones in our family to come to America. My family is North Indian, so we speak an offshoot of Hindi, called Gujurati, at home. We also celebrate a lot of the religious and nonreligious holidays that are celebrated in India as well. I am also Jain, which means we celebrate a lot of Jain holidays as well.
I'm sure at least 90% of anyone who's ever known me knows that I love to read. I read everywhere! And by everywhere, I mean there is a book in my backpack right now.

Even if I go on the Internet, I end up reading! Maybe it's just because I enjoy words- both reading and writing.
Manasvi Vora
My family consists of my mom, dad, little sister, grandma, and me. We are all Gujurati, meaning we come from a place in India called Gujurat, and we speak its language. Both my parents are first generation immigrants, and my grandma continues to go between America and India. As for extended family, it would take me years to list all of them, due to the fact that I am technically related to nearly 50% of India (although it doesn't exactly count, according to my parents). My sister (Aishani) is 9, and is currently in 5th grade. My mom (Rupali) works as a librarian, and my dad (Hitesh) works in the software implementation industry. My only pet is a sadly neglected betta fish.
I was born on March 14th 2002 (am 13), in Mission Viejo, California. When I was one, I moved to Fullerton. Then in first grade, I moved to San Diego. I'm Indian, I like to read, and I fangirl over fictional characters. My zodiac sign is Pisces, I play trombone and I've traveled a lot across the world. Because my Harry Potter obsession continues to run strong, I'll mention that I'm a Ravenclaw as well - I like to read a ridiculous amount.
Books make me happy
Mahavir Jayanti
Diwali is also known as the festival of lights. During it, we celebrate the triumph of good over evil, and new beginnings, along with the Hindu New Year. In 2015, it lands on Nov. 11 , and we dress up in nice clothes, light firecrackers and diyas (lamps) and pray to the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, for a good year.
Mahavir Jayanti is a Jain celebration, celebratiing the birth of Mahavir Bhagwan. Also known as Mahavir Janma Kalyanak, it is the most important Jain event. In Jainism, we follow Tirthankaras, people who have reached moksha (nirvana) and help reestablish the fourfold Jain order. There are 24 Tirthankaras each era, and Mahavir was the last for this era.
I lack many interesting hobbies - TV being one of the more uninteresting ones. I watch a lot of movies and shows with my family, and I end up loving nearly half of them. TV is sort of a tradition with us.
Both my parents come from here. My immediate cousins however, now live iin Mumbai and Ahmedabad.
Fireworks for Diwali
I took this one to mean my dreams and aspirations for the future, rather than that one dream I had last night with dancing skeletons. I have a lot of dreams- I'd like to study abroad, for one. I've seen a lot of the world, but there's a lot I haven't seen. I'd like to go to London for at least a year - maybe Oxford, or Cambridge, but I don't know yet. I dream of going to a good college, getting a good job, and living a good life. I just really want to experience life, and all of the joy that comes along with it. One of my dreams is to write- become an author - someone as famous as J.K. Rowling, have something I wrote be loved or nationally ranked. Another of my dreams is to read - read for the rest of my life, and never stop wanting to read. Another of my dreams is to simply own a tiger - and while completely unrealistic, I dreamed of it for a while. I guess my dream is to be known for something- change the world, make it a better place for everyone; remembered, not passed over in history as unimportant, but taught about in the years to come. I want to stand out for something, and have a legacy that will never be forgotten through time.
I suppose this is a bit of a continuation from the last page, but my goals are somewhat different from my dreams. Dreams reach far. Of course, so do goals, but goals can be temporary- like getting a higher grade, or finishing an assignment on time. A few of my goals are rather superficial, while others could take me the better part of 10 years- so here we go. One of my goals is simply to survive high school (aka too many 'high school horror stories') and get into a good college, Another- make it to NAQT and/or CyberPatriot nationals this time. A rather vapid one - get my hair under control (it has a mind of its own). I'd like to finish writing one of my stories, and get through this year with straight A's. A harder goal of mine would be to stop procrastinating- It'd be easier if I didn't keep putting it off. My goals change with expectations, the environment, and depend on my current situation. As for now, I'd just like to make it in life (and hopefully get an A on this).
not me
I've read Harry Potter ever since 2nd grade, and it still continues to be my favorite book series, and will be, until the end of time. By the end of the year, at least half the class will probably have heard me going on about Harry Potter at least once.
I write a lot - ever since I was little, I've known that I wanted to write as a career, because I read so much. I've got hundreds of pages of separate ideas, but none of them written down yet.
I listen to a lot of music - half of it is basically my friends showing me things I get addicted to, but I really enjoy listening to music. If I'm doing homework, chances are I'm listening to music
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