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The Essentials of Social Media

Druidstone 2012

Matthew Austin

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of The Essentials of Social Media

"Interactive platforms via which individuals and communities create and share user-generated content"
Throwing a party
Social Media Audit
Where are you now?
Are they working for you?
What platforms are you using?
What could you do better?
What are other people doing?
What isn't working?
Measuring and
Where are we now?
Who do we want to be there?
How do we invite them?
How many guests do we want?
What will make them want to come?
What will they do/see when they get there?
What will make them excited?
How do make them a real friend?
Stop to chat
How can we make them stay?
Are they looking over your shoulder?
Let them go if they're not interested
Don't go home early
How can we make them invite their own friends?
How we can make them tell everyone what an amazing party it is?
Think about tone. Remember Anna!
Think about who follows you and write to them
Be informal, but not slangy
Vary your approach
Who communicates?
Social media policy?
How do you respond?
How do you deal with complaints and
negative feedback?
Keep the conversation going
Be open and honest
1. Investment in social media will become a necessity, not a luxury
2. Google+ will become a major player
3. Image-centric networks will become major – Pinterest, Instagram but also Slideshire, Tumblr, Path
4. Rise of the micro-video – Vine, Instagram etc
5. Wave goodbye to Foursquare?
6. The return of MySpace?
7. LinkedIn will continue to grow for B2B networking
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