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Let's Italian!

Italia language class

Sara Foschini

on 22 June 2014

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Transcript of Let's Italian!

One to one lesson
The most efficient and quick way to learn a new language !
Italian lessons are designed to suit your requests of time and lesson contents.
Let’s italian
will create bespoke lessons to help you achieve your learning goals.
We organise pratical Italian language classes for beginners and intermediate students as well as advanced Italian courses.
In company italian training
Let’s Italian
also offers our services to groups of people and business companies.
If your company is related with products ‘Made in Italy’, understanding and speaking Italian can be an advantage in several career sectors.
We aim to provide you or your employees the tools to communicate effectively, in order to improve your business strategies and step ahead in the competition.
Holiday survival
Have you booked a holiday in Italy and not want to feel like a tourist the whole time?
With only 10 sessions, you will be able to hold simple conversations in Italian. Ordering pizza will be a breeze! What’s more, you will be speaking Italian immediately from your first lesson!
Let's Italian!
Let’s italian
is a fun and flexible way of learning italian, designed to suit your availability and needs.
Following your requests we can create bespoke lessons to help you achieve your learning goals.
We have a practical approach and our tutor will teach you italian mimicking real life situations and not just plain old grammar!

Skype conversation
Do you have a spare half an hour, during your lunch break?
Good ! Why don’t you use it to practice your italian chatting with a native italian speaker ?

+44 (0) 7599 220876
Let's Italian!
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