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No description

Luci Ostheimer

on 29 May 2015

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Transcript of Unwritten

by Luci Ostheimer
What I have learned in Health

I've learned the reasons why drug addiction occurs and why it is so hard to get out of. A dopamine surge occurs whenever a drug is taken which stimulates the brain, making people feel good (high). When drugs are taken excessively, a tolerance is developed, meaning that the drug user is unable to get the high they crave on a normal dose and must increase their intake to be satisfied. I never understood how addiction worked, and I thought this was some really cool information.

What drugs actually do...
How STDs aren't a joke...
(Not that I thought they were or anything)
The activity where where aroud 90% of the class had some kind of STD after going around shaking hands really effected me. I always just assumed that STDs were only found in people who slept around a lot, but now I know that it doesn't matter how much sex you have, what matters is who you have sex with and who they have had sex with and so on. You can get any STD even if it's your first time, which is really scary considering all the potential STDs a person can have. That is why it is important to always have condoms handy at parties or other scandalous events, as they'll prevent STDs as well as unwanted pregnancies.
Why a balanced health triangle=happiness
A person is their brightest when they are at their healthiest. This means that their physical, social, and mental/emotional health all must be exceptionally equal. You cannot be happy if you live off of junk food, have two "irl" friends that you talk to once a week while playing computer games, and if you are stressed out beyond belief. If you were to manage your time more effectively, take the time to engage with people and build relationships, and start working out, therefore balancing your health triangle, you would be much healthier and happier. This is something that I will definitely keep in mind throughout my life.
Critical Choices I've Made
One of the highlights of my sophomore year was being the Fiddler in Fiddler on the Roof. I am so glad I had the bravery to get past some of my anxieties and take part in something like that. My choice to try out really helped my social and mental health. The play gave me a whole new community of friends and showed me that I don't have to be the quiet artsy girl that I've always been. I'm capable of so much more.
Control is key
I am going to be honest: I have tried alcohol before and I have nothing against marijuana, however I know that there is a line that shouldn't be crossed. I've made a pact with myself to never try any kind of chemical drug because unlike marijuana, they are potentially lethal and to never become intoxicated in an unsafe or unfamiliar environment, or to the point where I can cause harm to others.
To AP or not to AP?
Like many people this year, I took AP US History and the AP Literature test and next year I will be taking 3 APs with no study hall, and am on track for 4 my senior year. Although I enjoy learning and a challenge, I am not sure I have made the healthiest decision. This year with only one AP class has been a struggle full of stress, and I can't imagine what next year will be like. I know by taking on these challenges I am sacrificing a healthy life. Hopefully it will all pay off in college.
How I will Live a Healthy Lifestyle
I will try to eat only organic foods and stay away from "science experiments" in order to maintain a healthy diet.
You Are What You Eat
I will always try to be honest and assertive and use "I statements" with my friends and family so they know where I'm coming from and to avoid unwanted conflicts.
Keep Them Honest
Better Safe than Sorry
Until I am in married or in a very serious and trusting relationship, I will always use some sort of barrier and other kinds of contraception to prevent pregnancy and STDS. If nothing is available, then I will say no.
I will try not to procrastinate too much on my responsibilities because I know that procrastination causes stress and stress causes anxiety and depression, which are things that I would like to avoid as much as possible.
No Time Like the Present
Be Proactive
I will be a self-advocate and not be afraid to ask my doctor any questions I have in order to have an active role in my own health.
Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.
- Francis of Assisi

My Supporting Cast
My best friend since pre-school, Katie has been the one person in my life that I can always rely on for advice and support. I can be myself around her and she can be herself around me. She is one of the funniest and most grounded people I know and the only thing I resent about our relationship is the fact that she goes to Cab Calloway and I go to NCHS. We both have similar values and goals in life, but I think she is more relaxed about school than me and is only taking APs for classes she likes, whereas I may try to take as many as I can handle without going insane. My level of schoolwork and stress will probably have a negative impact on our relationship because I'll be so busy and stressed all the time. But I have a feeling that Katie and I will be friends for as long as we live, so I think we can handle not seeing each other every other week; and anyway, if I actually do my work when I'm supposed to and not procrastinate, we should still be able to see each other regularly.
My Dad and I are really close. He has influenced me so much throughout my life, such as my love of movies and travel. He also gives really good advice and isn't too quick to judge me or others and has taught me to consider the big picture as opposed to getting caught up in the details. I know that he supports my choice of trying out for the play and wants me to be in it again next year. I think he would agree with my goals as well because he wants me to succeed in life and not get caught up in a world of addiction, whether it be to drugs, junk food, procrastination, or just sheer laziness.
Me in 10 Years...
In 10 years I hope to be traveling around the world to different places that need help. I love learning about people and different cultures as well as doing volunteer work. I could be making a documentary about something, which would combine my dream job of being a film director with my global interest. In order for something like this to happen, I'll have had to maintained a good, healthy lifestyle. I'll need to be active and child free, because at that time I'll probably only be able to support myself. I will also need to be drug-free, because that would add another distraction that I wouldn't need, plus all the health problems that go along with them. Health class has helped me realize the reality of a lot of things that we have been told are bad but haven't been told why, such as the causes and effects of drugs, bad relationships, and unprotected sex. It's important to steer clear of reckless decisions that can completely change your life for the worse, such as having a child at 16, being stuck in a constricting and abusive relationship, or getting involved with drugs. Health class has shown me to importance of foresight and that you need to live for your overall happiness, not just splatters of highs in the midst of a million lows.

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