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Two Concepts of Social Capital: Bourdieu vs. Putnam

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yo tu

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Two Concepts of Social Capital: Bourdieu vs. Putnam

Two Concepts of Social Capital: Bourdieu vs. Putnam
Society as a plurality of social fields
Economic capital
Cultural capital
three forms of existence
Social capital
Division of the work of domination
Organizational efectiveness
Two components of social capital:
group membership and social networkls
symbolic character
Objective and subjective structures
Universal values
Micro-level and macro-level trust
Associations as sources of trust
increase the potential costs to a defector in any individual transaction
Foster robust norms of reciprocity.
Facilitate communications and improve the flow of information about the trustworthiness of individuals
Social norms and obligations
Social networks of citizens activity.

PATH DEPENDENCE: where you can get to depends on where you are coming from, and some destinations you simply cannot get to from here.
"Brave Reciprocity"
Trust creates reciprocity and voluntary associations, reciprocity and associations strengthen and produce trust.
Vicious circles and virtuous circles
Social trust in complex, postmodern comes from two related sources: norms of reciprocity and networks of civic engagement.
Sports clubs and cultural associations as voluntary associations of "making democracy work"
Three kinds of conflicts.
Voluntary associations and social integration
Activity of voluntary associations
Societal consensus based on value compromises.
Preconditions for the development of social capital:
examination of co-effects of macro-structures
putting an end to developments.
Putnam's Vs. Bordeau's
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