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How Was Life Like Along the Nile?

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Jaci Howard

on 13 January 2016

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Transcript of How Was Life Like Along the Nile?

What Was Life Like Along the Nile?
By: Natalie Adame
Scientists believe that Egyptians started to live next to the Nile River in 6,000 B.C.E.
People lived on both sides of the Nile Valley and in the Delta Region.
Egyptians lived on the White Nile River side and the Blue Nile side.
Who Lived On the Nile?
It was hard for the Egyptians to find food, all they found was crues.
The weather was so dry and hot it was hard to adapt to a very harsh climat.
Egyptians prayed for yearly floods, so it would make their land fertile.
What Were the Hardships and Benefits?
The Nile River provided food like: fruit trees and fish, which was great that they had food.
The Nile River flows 4,132 miles [6,650km] northward. [continues]
That gave Egyptians a route to irrigation and trade routes.
What Did the Nile Provide?
When the river flooded the farmers used shaduf's to do what they do best... plant.
The farmers started to grow what, beans, barley, or even cotton.
The farmers built canals providing fresh water for year-round irrigation.
What Did Farmers Do?
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