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Empathy Map

Empathy map for an English teacher

Fabio Almeida

on 10 August 2013

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Transcript of Empathy Map

Graduated in Pedagogy, major in English teaching methodology, major in technology applied in education. Has been working as English teacher for his whole professional life.

Owner (with his wife) of an English school franchise unit in a Brazilian town, in where his also works as Educational Coordinator and teacher.
*Not the real name.
Employer vs. employee -
There are indeed a lack of knowledge, of both sides, about what the other do and which are the difficulties of the other is going through.
It is very difficult to find well qualified people.
(to teach English)
It takes us in this town, on average one year, one year and a half, to find a teacher.
Teaching is something that many people do not want, that is poorly valorised, but It has such great drawing power, because when you are in there and you start teaching, it has certain charm that goes little by little enchanting you. And I end up discovering myself an enthusiast for education.
We normally avoid hiring people who wants to work only for the money, although the salary is good.
They should work as a trainee since the beginning.
Because with this dissemination of education that we have nowadays in the country, often disordered, without a quality control of the education, we have seen many graduated people with a degree on the hand, and when you go to practice they do not have the minimum conditions for the work.
I think that a curricular change is very necessary. Often the students spend lot of time studying theoretical subjects and go to teaching practice in the two last semesters. They are exposed at only few hours (of practice).
In all professions if you do not have the minimum of passion for what you do, or at least like it, if it is just a technical relationship of money, you will be a professional, first unhappy and this also will interfere in your performance, no matter how high your qualifications are.
In some cases we manage to interfere in situations that are conceived as a family matter only, and succeed in changing serious problems that happened in families. Just to mention one, we already reverted a case of an adolescent that was sure to commit suicide… Like this there were several other cases... I do not like even to tell, I get emotional… Education is something…
The students that I already had, the things that I already experienced… It is not about money, it is not that! It is about changing people’s life! Do you understand?
It is not possible for the school
(his English course franchise unit)
to grow significantly, due to the prevailing ideology that “the cheaper the better”. So you have a teacher or a school much less qualified, where often the quality of the education has a secondary consideration, doing things like forming classes with children from different age groups (6, 9, 11 years old together) charging much less, protected by name of a franchise network.
The education in Brazil needs to be improved.
The curriculum of Pedagogy needs to be changed.
We need good teachers.
I need more well qualified teachers here, so I could have more time to dedicate myself to My academic studies.
Students need better education and much more practice to be qualified for work.
It’s about people.
Fulfilled teaching, learning and helping people.
Emotional remembering serious cases in which he helped people.
Concerned about poor education quality.
Loves to talk about education.
Concerned about people choosing an English school by price or advertisement, without knowing about the differences between the quality of education.
A little bit upset about "unfair" competition with low quality of education and lower prices.
One doctor can kill a patient; one teacher can kill entire generations.
A well-qualified, helpful, trustworthy, talented English teacher who is determined and an enthusiastic for education, owns a English school franchise unit in a Brazilian town, where he works a lot teaching. He is now also doing a academic major in technology applied in education, in a foreign country.
I want to go to the academic career.
Antonio needs a better way to making his transition the academic career.
Wants to become a professor. Wants to write books. (He talked about that, although this part of the interview was not recorded.)
Keen for good teaching
Worked very hard teaching English in public and private schools, since for the first year in the college.
Very concerned about people.
Empathy Map
By Fabio Almeida
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